Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

Eight days passed since Sean last saw Daniella. Try as he might, he just couldn't seem to get her off his mind. He knew for a fact Daniella was always home on Sunday. She spent her day cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and getting everything ready for the work week. He looked at his watch and sighed, it was only 10:00am in the morning. What reason could he possibly have for going to Benny's house that early in the morning?

He finally decided to suck it up, stop at the bagel store, and bring over breakfast and some sweets. With pep in his step, he made his way into town, went into a few stores and picked up treats. He literally stopped short in his tracks when he spotted Daniella scantily dressed, leaving the gym. His heart rate increased to the tenth power when he spotted a bunch of guys checking her out.

With angry, quickened steps, he marched his way to the side of the gym and was appalled to find Daniella actually teaching a class outside, in public, for the entire world to see. Not wanting to make a fool of himself, he managed to find an isolated spot nearby, parked his grumpy self, and stewed as he watched in shock. Huge grown men lined up in rows, and followed Daniella's instruction.

As the class continued, Sean noticed more and more people joined Daniella's class and thankfully, it began to be a mixed crowd.

"Are you going to lurk in the shadows all morning or are you going to join the class?" called a muscular woman with her arms folded as she stood there and stared at Sean.

"I am debating if I can actually do any of those exercises," replied Sean in a raspy voice.

"Clearly you're not dressed for the gym nor are you dressed for a workout so keep it moving."

Sean felt heat rising from the middle of his stomach straight to his unshaven cheeks. He looked at the woman smiled, and made his escape. Not in the mood to get caught spying again, he drove straight to Benny's house and rang the doorbell.

Benny opened the door, looked at Sean, and welcomed him inside. With a slight turn of his head as he walked towards the kitchen, he asked, "What brings you by this early?"

Sean felt his stomach turn. The last thing he wanted was for his best friend to suspect anything. He held out the treats in his hand and blurted, "I stopped at a few stores this morning and thought you might want something. Here," he said as he handed Benny the bag.

"Awesome. What are you up to today?"

"Nothing. I figured I'd come by and help you with whatever you needed help with."

"Cool," said Benny as he poured two cups of steaming hot coffee and brought them over to the kitchen table.

Sean looked around and wondered how long before Daniella got home. He checked his watch for the third time and let out a long sigh. "I can't believe it's Sunday already. The weekend flies and the work week just drags."

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