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claudiatihan 3 of them are almost adults but still act like 5 year olds 🤔

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claudiatihan 3 of them are almost adults but still act like 5 year olds 🤔

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shawnmendes I'm sorry Claudia

colesprouse it's not my fault your boyfriend is a fucking dick

claudiatihan cole what's stuck up your ass? colesprouse

madisonbeer WELL DAMN CLAUDIA 😂😂

jackgilinsky stop being an asshole, if you were her friend, you wouldn't act like that colesprouse

colesprouse listen thick eyebrows, I'll chop your balls off if you don't butt out jackgilinsky

claudiaaaa yooo this fight is hella shady

muffinmendes no chill 😂😂

claudiatihan please stop guys colesprouse jackgilinsky

colesprouse I'll break your fucking skull singer boy shawnmendes

shawnmendes oh really? Not before I rip your eyeballs out of your socket and shove them up your ass colesprouse

madisonbeer jeez shawn 😂😂 ^

stassiebaby this is getting intense 😂

colesprouse you don't wanna mess with me Mendes

shawnmendes why not jughead?

claudiatihan that's enough guys shawnmendes jackgilinsky colesprouse

colesprouse listen up for the last time, back the fuck off or else I'll rip your dicks off, got it?

shawnmendes sorry I didn't read it, it was too long

jackgilinsky yeah I got lazy shawnmendes

colesprouse just wait

shawnmendes Kk I'll get my clock

jackgilinsky and I'll get my timer

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