Chapter 4

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"Rainey what your doing today ?" Jasmine asked me over the phone .

"Well LaMelo invited me over today to help me get ready for the basketball tryouts " I said .

"Rainey I'm pretty sure you don't need help for tryouts your going to make it girl , your ranked number 1 in the nation " she said laughing .

"Yea but I'm still nervous Jas " I said .

"I understand but your going to be fine Rainey , what time your going over there ?"

I checked the time on my phone it was 2:25pm Melo told me to come over at 2:30pm .

"He told me to come over at 2:30 so I'm about to leave now " I told her .

"Alright call me later tonight I want to talk to you about something " she said .

I knew exactly what she wanted to talk about because she has been talking about him ever since she met him .

"LiAngelo?" I asked her smirking and laughing .

"What ?" No Rainey what makes you think I want to talk about him ?" She asked .

"Maybe because you always talk about him " I said laughing .

"Whatever Rainey I love you best friend I'll talk to you later " she said .

" Bye Jasmine I love you to talk to you later " I said hanging up .

I put on my shoes and walked downstairs. My mom was gone she took my little sisters to a birthday party with my aunt Sydel and my dad was at practice.

I grabbed my phone and made sure I had everything. LiAngelo was coming to pick me up with LaMelo.

I heard a honk outside I put my house alarm on then walked outside to the car.

I went to back seat where LaMelo was .

"Hey Rainey" LaMelo said to me looking up from his phone with a smile .

"Hey Melo and Hey Gelo " I said .

"Hey little Raine " Gelo said causing me to laugh a little .


•At LaMelo's House•

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