White Suits You

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Kasey stared wide-eyed at her mirror. After everything that has happened, she didn't expect THIS to happen.

"I look like an old lady!" She screamed to herself, pacing around her room. She had no clue what to do and she for sure didn't want to go to school like this.

Kasey walked to her dresser and grabbed out a black hoodie and black, ripped jeans. She wasn't going to let anyone see her hair. She pulled on her hoodie, pulling the hood of it over her head. This was going to be a long day.


Kasey walked up to the front of the school, seeing the girl from yesterday. When the girl saw her, she waved her hands, signaling to come over. Kasey obeyed, walking to the girl.

"Hey! I know this is a bit weird since we just meet yesterday buuuuut, what's your name?" She asked, dragging the 'u' in 'but'.

"O-oh sorry, it's K-Kasey." She stuttered. "And y-yours?"

"It's crystal. But you can call me Crys if you'd like!" She said, her words filled with joy. Kasey smiled at her, walking with her into the school.

They split ways, each going to their own classes. Crystal headed to Biology while Kasey went to History. Kasey was happy she had someone but scared that she was going to loose her. Everyone that she loved soon left her side, dying or rejection.

Crystal made it to class, sitting in the middle. She watched as the teacher came in, taking her seat. The greeted everyone with a simple 'morning' and begun the class.


Kasey walked out of her last class of the day, walking to the front of the school. Crystal had to get a few things from her locker so she told Kasey to meet her in the front of the school.

Once Crystal finally came into view, Kasey couldn't help but smile at the girl.

"You ready?" Crystal asked. The girls were going to walk together home since they found out their houses are close.

"Y-yep!" Kasey replied, taking off with her. They walked peacefully through the streets, comfortable silence filling with them. When they reached Crystals' house, it was about five. They stopped at the park and stayed there for a bit so it was late. Kasey waved bye and went home.

"By the way, white suits you."


Sorry this took awhile, wattpad kept crashing on me and making me mad. I will be uploading chapters that have 300-1000 words. So yeah.

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