(I Can Fix You) Reader X Fem Joker 🃏

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[From DC Comics]
The Joker, Gotham's clown princess of crime, and the bane of the Batman. She's manipulated, destroyed, and ruined people's lives. Finally being captured by Batman, she was sent to Arkham Asylum.

Batman had a really good friend named Y/N, a psychiatrist who was sent Arkham due to his great track record of helping criminals come back to the good side.

Batman enters through front gates of Arkham, Joker tied and bounded in chains. Y/N walked outside with several guards.

"Your the only person I know you can help her".

"Thanks Bats, I'll take it from here".

"She's resilient, and a master manipulator, becareful what she's says".

"I've done things like this before Batman, this isn't the first time I dealt with master manipulators".

Batman nodded, he hand the joker to Y/N and the guards, in which the placed her chains.

They took her to maximum security cell, however, Y/N said no, saying that his plans with her wouldn't work like that. He needs to gain her trust.

Moving her to a cell closest to his office, Joker was untied, and pushed in the cell.

"Poor bats got tired of me, now he puts me with this egghead?".

"Dr. Egghead to you mam".

"So Doc, wanna give me a lollipop and and sticker?".

"Not that kind of doctor".

"Huh, want to check my heartbeat and blood levels 😂".

"No, I'm not known for cardiology
.... 😒".

"Let's get to know each other, my name is Dr. Y/N L/N, I am here to be help you".

"You always this serious...why so serious hon 😄".

"Don't call me hon, I don't know you that well"

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"Don't call me hon, I don't know you that well".

I can already tell this is gonna be a real long ride....

For several months, Y/N continued his aid with the Joker. For once, it's actually getting to her, she began to show signs of calmness, and sometimes refers Dr. L/N by his first name.

One time she showed signs of coming to, is when she began to show her true self.... slightly.

One event, Y/N had recently had a falling out with his girlfriend. He was both depressed and angry from the ordeal, he came to work regardless, since the helping the joker is his main priority.

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