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lacey ^

lacey's p.o.v

even though jack has been bothering me all day i'm so happy because my best friend nyla is coming back from visiting her grandparents in chicago.

i walked over to my locker and put my books in them since i was going to lunch. i closed my locker and saw jack down the hall towards me.

don't get me wrong jack is super hot and i'm not a virgin or anything i'm just tired of taking relationships lightly like i used to, but jack might just bring me back to my old ways.

i close my locker and try to hurry and get to lunch before jack catches up to me, i'm trying so hard to not go back to my hoeish ways but jack makes it very hard.

i was almost to the cafeteria until a felt jack grab my waist and pull me back towards him.

"what do you want jack?!" i asked annoyed

he didn't say anything and picked my up over his shoulders

"what are you doing?! put me down!" i yelled holding onto him so i wouldn't fall

when he put me down i noticed we were in the back of the school

"what is wrong with you ja-" i got cut off when he pushed me against the wall and harshly kissed me, i didn't kiss him back.

"i'm tired of you acting hard to get lacey! i know your old reputation it's not like you're a virgin or something" jack said sounding frustrated

"it's not that i'm playing hard to get, maybe it's because i don't like you" i said even though it was a lie

"if you don't like me why do you get nervous around me" he smirked bring his hands down and gripping my ass.


i dont know how or why but i soon gave in, i ended up in jacks car then in his room.

he pushed me on the bed and straddled over me kissing down my neck leaving marks.

i sit up and take off my shirt allowing him to leave more marks down my stomach.

i pull on his shirt indicating i want it off.

quickly after he took off his shirt he took off his pants leaving him in only his Calvin Klein.

he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off kissing in between my thighs sending shivers through my whole body.

i sat up and unclipped my bra and he soon started slipping my panties off.

he stared at my naked body for a second making me insecure until he said "you are so fucking beautiful"

he kissed down my thighs and soon started sucking on my sensitive area. i moaned his name while grabbing his hair and arching my back.

i soon reached my high and jack stood up taking off his boxers.

my eyes widen at how big he was, he saw me staring and smirked. jack went over to his drawer to get a condom.

jack put the condom and turned me on my stomach. he slowly entered inside me as i started uncontrollably moaning, he felt so good inside me.

"you're so tight" jack groaned while pulling my hair. he moved inside me at a fast paste as i moaned his name making him thrust inside me even faster and deeper. soon we both reached our highs and sprawled across the bed.

jack and i went at it again like ten times until i could barley even walk.. i really hope i don't regret this.
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