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WHEN you returned to work the day after Yoongi asked you out, you noticed Chanyeol wasn't there.

You shook it off as him being sick or maybe even he had other things to attend to.

That is until, a few days went by and he still hadn't shown up to work. You tried calling and texting him, still nothing. Then a few days turned into a week.

You were not only worried but scared.

Where could he be?

It wasn't until one rainy day at the diner that you decided to talk to Baekhyun about it. The diner was empty and you were left alone to clean it.

"Hello?" Baekhyun answered in a bit of a sad tone. You frowned upon hearing it; knowing it must be because he hadn't heard from Chanyeol either.

"It's Y/N, still nothing?"

He let out a sigh before it went silent for a few minutes.


You smacked your fist off the table in front of you. Closing your eyes before you leaned against the counter top behind you.

"Where could he be Baek? This isn't like him at all. He would be blowing up either one of our phones by now. And not showing up for work? He's always here on time if not early!"

"I know Y/N. I'm just as worried as you are. He hasn't  been here in awhile either. He usually comes over every other day to try and beat me at games...." He sounded close to tears and you felt bad.

"I'm sorry....I hope we find him soon."

"Me too. I'm sure we will. Maybe this is another one of his stupid pranks. The police say it's unlikely he would have left the area."

"You're right. He'll probably message one of us in the morning telling us how good he got us this time." You laughed softly, trying to reassure yourself.

"I have to go Y/N, talk to me tomorrow okay? Maybe you can come over. It's really lonely without the giant here."

You smiled; leaning away from the counter.

"Of course. Bye Baek."

You hung up and ran a hand through your hair before going back to cleaning off the tables.


You looked up to see Yoongi  in front of you. His clothes and hair were slightly wet from the rain.

You felt bad for not really talking much to him for the past week. You couldn't help it though.

Where was your friend?

"Hey." You gave a weak smile.

He kept a straight face as he walked closer to you.

"Are you alright? You haven't been talking much to me the past few days. Is it us?"

You shook your head, now close to tears.

"No, of course not. It's just...Chanyeol has been missing for a week now. It's really worrying me, you know?"

Yoongi hugged you and you gladly hugged back. The water droplets from his damp hair fell upon you as you sunk your face into his chest.

"They'll find him baby, I'm sure." He reassured you in a low voice.

You could only hope they would...

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