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[personally my favorite]

[From Marvel Comics]

Ellie Brock, a troubled girl throughout her life, wishes to have better family, and better life. Her ways to cope is harming others, and herself.

One day, her family lost it all, lost everything the owned because of one bad mistake her father made. She would've taken her own life...if It wasn't for you...

Ellie watched from above her apartment home, her feet close to the edge. She was about to jump, but someone came in the right time.

"Don't do it".

"Why do you care, shouldn't you be out destroying families lives!?".

"Your father would've sent an innocent man to jail".

"Look Ellie, don't jump, please".

"How'd you know my name?".

"Your voice, I know that voice...".

"I guess I can't hide it from you".

"If I show you who I am, would you not jump".

Ellie nodded, and watched Y/N as he grabs the edges of mask. As he pulls up, she could see his lips, nose, and then eyes. Finally taking off his mask, revealing Ellie his face.


"I never meant to hurt you, my plan was to capture the real person behind, and I couldn't let your dad send a innocent man to prison".

"I'm sorry that I hurted you, but me and Mr. Stark can help you and your family. But please, don't jump!".

Ellie finally gave a soft smile, and stepped away from the edge. However with a strong gust of a wind, and clumsiness, she fell back and down the building.


Y/N bolted towards the edge and dove after Ellie, he began shooting webs, which one tagged Ellie. With more and more webs hitting her, she begins to slow down.

Finally, Y/N grabbed Ellie, and landed on the ground feet first.

Ever since then, Ellie care and love for Y/N/Spiderman grew. The boy she bullied at school, would be her biggest crush, and she can't take him out of her mind. However, she still hasn't let go of her tendencies to hurt people and animals for her enjoyment.

One day, she was at a church, watching her dad cursing at statue. The sight made her pity him. As she watches from behind, a strange black liquid drips onto her shoulder. She immediately goes to the West wing of the chapel, only for her to finally be consumed by the symbiote.

With this great power, she began her night with terror, murdering a rapist by tearing his hear out, and to eating a thief's brain since her symbiote needs to feed

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With this great power, she began her night with terror, murdering a rapist by tearing his hear out, and to eating a thief's brain since her symbiote needs to feed. This brought the attention of Spiderman/Y/N.

Y/N swung from building to building, he heard about the whereabouts of the murderer. As he lands on a old building, he realizes...it was Ellie's old home.

He used Mr. Starks tech to find the location of the symbiote, he makes his down into... Ellie's old room. Her dolls, her brushes...and pictures of Y/N.

"What the..".

Spider senses tingling!!!!

Y/N cartwheels out of the way as the hidden figure pounces. He fires his webshooters at the being, only for it to jump forward and slam him against the wall.

The being grabs Y/N, and looks at him straight in the eye.

"Who are you, why are you here!?".

"Let me go!".



The symbiote hits Y/N in the jaw, sending him into the wall.

"No don't hurt him, he's my best friend!".

The symbiote grabs Y/N by the leg, and threw out ot the room, and into the living room. He collides against a TV, and the head of a taxidermied moose falls onto Y/N's head.

"I cannot see, I'm legally blind!".

The symbiote tackles Y/N through the wall, and into another abandoned room.

"Please stop, don't hurt him".

"Stop hurting him, I love him!".

Ellie began crying and shouting at her symbiote to stop.

The symbiote refrained instantly, and recoiled away. Ellie took control and unveiled her face. She ran towards Y/N, and held him back up.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, the symbiote didn't know who you really are".

"It's fine...".

The symbiote took control again, and grabbed Y/N by the arm.

"My master loves you deeply Y/N, she would not stop talking about you. She loved you ever since you saved her from death".

"My master wants to have a life with you, she doesn't want anyone else..".

Ellie regained control, her face beet red, and now trembling.

"Why'd you say that Venom..".

"This is your chance, he's right here, talking to you".

"He'll think that I'm being to clingy..".

"I like you too".


"I like you Ellie".

Ellie eyes bulged, she turns even more red from that statement.

"I'm not good at this stuff, but wanna hangout sometime?".


Venom grabbed Y/N by the arm and yanked him towards Ellie. It then covers Ellie's back head and pushes her forward, causing Ellie to kiss him.

Both of them attempt to fight back, but Venom held tightly, finally both gave in. Finally releasing it's grip, Y/N released Ellie.

"Thanks Venom..".

"I..love you Y/N...♥".

"I love you too....and i... think..I broke a rib".

[Venom is the best wing man/girl ever!]

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