Letter to readers

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The internet,
August 16th, 2017.

Dear reader,

I don't talk about coming out much. It's not really a subject I write about and even if I do it's a very small significant part of the story that's no more than 500- 1000 words out of my regular 40K - 60K book total.

Why do I usually do this?

I want, and I am still going to represent LGBT+ characters with stories that don't revolve around their orientation. I still want to talk about mental health, academics, adventure, love, talents, and passion, humor etc, but I've felt for a long time in a while that I should tackle coming out. I decided to take it from an Asexual perspective mostly because as an asexual person I could easily channel how I and other Asexual people I know have felt into Felix, and also LGBT+ narrative from Asexual characters is very limited. I know all Ace perspectives are not the same, and that is varies from person to person, but I hope that my little dab on the canvas that will join those by other writers will paint a better picture of the experience.

Also, information about asexuality is very limited. I was in a dark dark place 3-4 years ago when I thought there was something earnestly wrong with me for feeling the way I did. At my corner of the world, getting married and popping out babies is very much pre-written into every girl's lives. That's not what I wanted -- what I could do. It's rather funny that I came to a self-understanding of this part of me while I was searching for how to fix it. If I could explain to a handful of people what this means, maybe I could save some tears, confusion, and money on libido treatment (basically conversation therapy for ace people).

Coming out is still something a lot of people have to do -- coming out might not even be safe for many people. If you're wondering how do I do it? When? Etc. Just make sure you're in a safe environment, or tell people you completely trust. And you don't come out once, it's a nasty truth but it's true. It would be great if people didn't care, but the truth is that you'll be put in certain situations where it seems like you'll have explain yourself. Does that make sense? I'm not sure.

I also touched a confusion that's common among people while they're about their end years in high school with Ben. If you don't know what you want to do when you graduate I think it's best not to write anything, any school, or any course off because what people will think. If it's what you want to do, go for it.

Also, a lot of people think what they can do isn't 'good enough' and that's often not the case. If I had to talk from an angle of experience I'd use mine as an art student back in high school. I saw a lot of talent that got wasted because people thought their art wasn't good enough to compete in a university or polytechnic under a professional course. It's kind of like Ben and his tech-centered orientation. He knew he was good, he just felt lacking in theory knowledge was too much of a handicap to pursue software engineering. Lacking in an aspect of something you love isn't the end of the world.

People learn to improvise and work with what they have. (If it makes anyone doubting themselves feel better 60% of the best writers really weren't grammar orientated and had horrible spelling. Basically, they're storytellers with the inability to 'write'. Editors, proofreaders etc refined their work for people to read. If a writer who technically can't write can succeed, so can anyone.)

Well, that's it for Ben story, and I hope you follow me into Caleb's. Thank you all for reading, commenting, voting, sharing etc. You all make me very happy. I enjoy writing, and the feeling that people actually enjoy what I put out is great.


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Complex musical composition: a major work for an orchestra, including wind, string, and percussion instruments, usually composed in four movements, at least one of which is in sonata form.

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