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Friday 3:15pm

"How exciting is this?!" My bestfriend squealed next to me as we cleaned out our lockers, "It's the last day of school! Meaning, next year is our senior year, Emma!"

I chuckled, and threw away a math packet that's been there for god knows how long, "Yeah it's the 5th time you mentioned it, Avalon."

She stuck her tongue at me as she continued talking about how exciting everything was. I pulled out a small piece of paper of stickers and nearly gasped, "Oh my gosh! That's where they went! I was looking for these fuckers," I laughed at my comment and stuck the piece of paper into my bag. "Sorry continue.''

Avalon glared her jade green eyes at me, and sighed loudly. I knew she was annoyed with me because I wasn't paying attention, but to be fair, I heard about this all day.

"Holy shit!" She shrieked. I looked over at her as she held up a purple Polaroid picture, "This was the best night of my life."

I squinted my eyes to see what the picture actually was, "What is it?"

She rolled her eyes, putting the picture into her book bag carefully, "It was the best night of my life, Emma. It's when I went to the 4OU tour."

I didn't miss what she said even tho she muttered the last part, knowing I'd roll my eyes. Before I opened my mouth, I felt someone clap my shoulder. "Hey ladies, what are we talking about? Me, I hope."

I turned around and seen one of my closest, long time best friends, Jack. Jack Dail.

"We're talking about my daddies," Avalon answered whike throwing me a death glare which caused me to roll my light amber brown eyes at her.

"Oh-" Jack began but was cut off by an annoyed Avalon.

"Ya know," She continued, "I don't understand why you both can't stand the Dolan Twins. They did nothing to you." She crossed her arms around her chest, raising her eyebrow at Jack and I.

I looked at Jack who was avoiding eye contact with Avalon. I sighed, "Ave. We love you, we do. We just don't like the Dolphin twins-"

"Dolan." She corrected.

"Whatever, the twins. Ya know, they just... Aren't... Funny." I shrugged and turned to my locker, grabbing the last bit of junk from inside of it.

"You're not funny yet I laugh at you," She mumbled and turned to her locker too, putting some of the papers in her book bag.

"Anyways," Jack began before it turned into an argument, "There's a party next Wednesday to celebrate the seniors that are graduating. Some juniors are going, we should go."

I looked over at Jack and smiled, "Hell yeah Dail, we're in-"

"Actually," Avalon announced, "I can't. I'm leaving to New York City Sunday, I'll be back Friday. So no can do," She sighed and pouted after she closed her locker, "Have fun for me? And take like... A zillion shots for me."

Jack chuckled and threw his arm around her, "Guess it's just me and you, Emma."

I nodded, closing my locker as well. "I guess it is, I'll catch you guys later. I have to help my parents at the restaurant."

I adjusted my bag on my shoulder and smiled at some girls from my chemistry class as they waved goodbye. "I'll see you guys tomorrow, or later."

After waving goodbye, I began walking to my all black Jeep Wrangler. My prize possession. My baby. My everything.

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