[5: Text message]

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Me: Hey.

Friend: I love having you here.

Me: Can you help me with my homework tomorrow?

Friend: Will do, friend. I will help. Hahaha...

Me: Can I stay here for tonight? I don't want to see my Mom at home.

Friend: Kill some time here. It's okay. I understand.

Me: Really?

Friend: You aren't my friend for nothing. Anyways, I prepared a spare room for you.

Me: Thanks a lot!

Friend: In there, there is a book on the table. DO NOT TOUCH IT. Its my Mom's Journal.

Me: Sure thing.

Friend: Your things are in the cupboard.

Me: Thanks. Goodnight!

Friend: Sleep tight!

I smiled. I entered the room and heard my friend walking towards my room.

Then I recalled the chat, opened the window, jumped out and ran all the way home.

That saved my life.

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