Character Description

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Name: Rina Nakama

Birthday: December 12

Age: 12 (start of the story)

Rank: S-rank, Anbu

Height: 4'11"

Hair Color: Gold blonde; wavy/curly

Eye Color: Ocean blue-green, turquoise

Family: (Family is dead, except Uncle)
Azami Nakama - mother
Kou Nakama - father
Kukai Nakama - twin brother
7 other brothers & sisters
Keiji Nakama - uncle, Kou's older brother

Likes: not many likes

Dislikes: bugs, loudness, annoyances

Personality: usually a sweet nature, but after the massacre, she keeps herself away from others; can be blunt and rude; tends to be oblivious to other people's feelings

Appearance: Long, messy waves to her waist; average height; girly features makes her look doll-like

Abilites: Very strong in all ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu; has a total of 3 kekkei gekkais: Crystal Release, Siren, and the Powers of Heaven and Hell; Crystal Release- ability to manipulate crystals or crystallize any surrounding objects; Siren- singing ability may harm or help people, a kiss can be fatal, could control people; Powers of Heaven and Hell- Heaven- Light Angel, ability to control all elements, fire, earth, water, air, Hell- Dark Angel, has characteristics of vampires, can suck chakra out of a body and use it; These three can be used at the same time, but has a heavy toll on the user.

Bio: Rina grew up in a loving environment. Rina was a warm, happy girl who loved her family very much. The Land of Stars, where she grew up, had some of the most powerful Shinobis. Her father was the Hoshikage and their clan ruled the lands. Everybody loved them because they were known for being kind, yet powerful. Her clan consists of 3 branches, each with one of the kekkei gekkais. Only a few has all 3 at once. Rina was one of the few, making her next in line to be Hoshikage. Currently, she hasn't unlocked the true power of her 3 kekkai gekkei. At the age of 10, she was a part of the Anbu in her village. Her uncle, who wanted her father's power, killed the whole clan and was close to killing Rina. Her mother used her remaining chakra to send her to Konoha.

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