Chapter Seven

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Yuki’s POV

I tore round the corner and into Eva Boulevard. I climbed out and slammed the door of my car, locking it hurriedly before running up to Red and bursting through the door.

A man sat at the desk, reading a book. He looked at me and smiled, picking up a pen.

“How can I help you?” he asked. “Are you looking for Anthon?” I nodded. “What’s your name, please?” he asked.

“Yuki.” The man set down the pen and looked at me.

“I see. You’re Kian’s boyfriend?” I nodded. So Kian had been here. “He’s busy right now, but I’m sure he’d make time for you.” I nodded and the man led me upstairs, setting down his book.

A sight met my eyes as soon as I walked into the huge room.

Kian was sprawled on the floor, another man on top of him. They were both in their underwear.

“Kian!” I yelled. “What the hell are you doing?!” Kian’s eyes widened when he saw me, and all the men standing around turned to look at me. Kian disentangled himself from the man and ran over to me, his expression desperate.

“I had to do it, Yuki,” he whispered, not wanting anyone else to hear.

“Why?! What possible reason could you even dream of having that would merit you worthy of being in this business?!” He sighed.

“I want my parents to throw me out. And I’ve tried everything, Yuki. But they just won’t accept it. I hate them so much, and it’s getting too much for me.” I looked at Kian, shocked that I was the one who’d put those tears in eyes. I bit my lip and wiped them away gently, my anger gone in an instant.

“I’m sorry I yelled,” I said quietly. Kian shrugged.

“I should’ve told you. I tried to ring you, but you didn’t pick up.” I sighed. If I’d known it was him, I would’ve picked up straight away.

“I’m sorry, baby,” I said again, and kissed him gently. I pulled away and sighed, looking at him. I knew how much he needed this. I wasn’t going to be the one to stop him, no matter how pathetic I felt for being the boyfriend of a future porn star. But here’s hoping he wouldn’t make it big. “You go do what you have to. It’s okay. Besides. You’ll need a lift back, so I might as well stay.” Kian smiled at me and walked back over to the man he’d been with, and the photographer.

I honestly couldn’t believe I’d given my boyfriend license to make out with someone who wasn’t me.

Kian’s POV

“I’ll be with you in a minute, Yuki,” I said. “I just need to sort out my fake name with Anthon and then we can go.” He nodded, not looking particularly upset, considering his surroundings. I smirked at him and followed Anthon into his office.

“There are just some rules I need to set straight with you, okay, Kian?” he said. I nodded. “First of all, and most importantly of all, no sexual relationships with any of the other guys here. It’ll affect your work and I’m not ready to sacrifice some of my guys for that.” I nodded. I could understand that. “Secondly, you have to have a fake name which is published with all your works so people won’t hassle you when they hear your real name. A lot of people in the porn industry get badgered and harrassed for being in this occupation, and I don’t want that to happen to you. Especially not now you’ve just joined. Third of all, you have no say of what goes onto the internet or gets published onto DVD’s, okay? As long as it is inside this studio, we have control over it. Okay?”

“I can understand that,” I said, nodding. Anthon nodded.

“Good. And so you know, those pictures you did with Lincoln have already been put on the web, okay?” I nodded. “You’ll get your first pay cheque at the end of this month.” Another nod. “Good. And your publication name is Tyler Winters. Understood?” I nodded. “If you get an interview or anything, your name is Tyler Winters. When you give out your address or anything though, it’s Kian Summers. Understood?” I nodded again. “That’s all then. You can go. I’ll see you tomorrow at about ten in the morning?” I nodded.