[3: Dad?]

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This is a conversation between a girl and her dad. The girl saw a boy's dead body found at the house they were living at a few months ago before they moved in to a newer one.

Since the police wanted to find out who killed the boy, they are going to question every single person living near there.

Girl: Dad? Did you see the news? A dead body was found at our old house! They are going to question everyone near the house!

Dad: Oh really?! I didn't see the news. How would we have felt if we were staying in that house?

Girl: I know right.

Dad: Hey. Don't be sad. I bet his parents are trying to figure out who killed him. I wish the best for them.

Girl: Dad?

Dad: Anyways, pack your bags. We are going to Singapore for a vacation. You need a time off your studies.

Girl: Dad, what the hell, stop doing that.

Dad: Do what?

Girl: Don't play dumb with me Dad. I know you did it.

How did the girl know that her dad did it?

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