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"You know, there is one myth I really like. It's quite short." I start and Harry hums. "Really? Tell me about it."

We woke up about an hour ago, brushed our teeth, managed to have sex again in the bathroom while taking a shower, and ate breakfast.

Harry's back is completely filled with scratches and I feel horrible about it and apologized about a hundred times, but he claims that he finds it hot and refuses to wear a shirt.

I also found my neck full of hickeys this morning when looking at the mirror but when I confronted him about it, he simply smirked and said that now "everyone will know that I'm taken."

I rolled my eyes and argued that they'll think I'm a whore but he simply rolled his eyes and changed the topic to Wolfie.

We both knew that we had to have the talk about how our relationship will be from now on, but we're both leaving it for later.

Right now, we were on the swing-couch outside in the backyard, him sitting and my head resting in his lap as we gently swinged.

He was playing with my hair and I was looking to the distance, at the grass and then the trees that spread into forest.

Our house was at the end on the town, forest spread in the near distance from us. Usually, on the weekends, I'd take a walk to the forest and spend an hour there because of Wolfie who loved it there.

"Well, is talks about how Zeus created people. It says that originally, people had four arms, four legs and a head with two faces."

"That's creppy as fuck."

I roll my eyes, forcing myself not to smile. "Anyway, apparently Zeus split them into two separate beings because he was afraid of their power. After he did that, however, he condemnded them to spend their lives in search of each other." I finished. "I always really loved that myth."

"It's nice." he replies and starts digging into his pockets. "Shame it's not real though."

I frown at him. "Oh, shush. It might be. Don't ruin my pretty story for me."

My frown deepens when I see it's cigarettes that he's pulling out of his pocket.

I look away from him. Somehow, I'd forgotten about his awful addiction.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

"Nothing." I whisper. I don't want to argue with him. I just got him back. Kind of.

He sighs. "You know I smoke."

I just nod, still looking away. "I just really hate it. It's bad for you and it makes me feel like I'm not taking good care of you."

He frowns. "Why would you need to be taking care of me?"

"Because I love you. If you love someone it means that you take care of them." I explain and he's quiet for a few moments.

The air suddenly doesn't feel as relaxed as it did before.

He sighs after a while. "If I stopped smoking, would you take me back?"

I shot up into a sitting position, eyes open wide. "What?"

"I want you back." he says, tucking my hair behind my ear. "I'm completely in love with you and you know it. I have tried being without you and it just... It doesn't work for me. I can't live without you because if I don't have you, I don't have anything, these past few months have proved that."

He takes a deep breath, as if preparing for a deep confession.

"You know," he starts, "I tried to convince myself that I hate you when you left. I wanted to hate you so bad for it because you destroyed every piece of me.

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