Chapter Thirty-Three - The Dark Kingdom

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"Pan won't get involved in human affairs unless it's absolutely necessary." Castiel shook his head. "If he thought it was that important he would have already come to me by now but I haven't seen him in months."

Dean sighed and leaned back in his own chair.

"Well, we could always go to the problem of the source." Sam said, looking at the three men. They all turned back to look at him. "If it's Crowley who is the one channeling Hades power to do this, then we could bleach him of his power and then everything would be alright again."

"What's to stop Hades finding another minion though?" Dean asked. "He could just find somebody else, and then we would be constantly killing the carrier for the rest of our days. It's hopeless."


Lycan sat by the door, listening to the adults conversation and growing angrier and angrier by the moment. They said he had some kind of disease! Well the only disease he knew of was the one his omega father was pouring into his families minds at that very moment. He had to take matters into his own hands once and for all.

They had spoken of Crowley, the kind of the west and although the had learned only bad things about him, he knew that this was were the problems stemmed from. He had already made his decision, he would go and see this so called king and give him a piece of his mind.


It was only a few weeks later when Lycan had made his preparations and had turned into a wolf to travel across the distant lands to Crowleys kingdom. He knew that he could tell none of his friends about where he was going because then they his omega father could easily wring the information out of them.

Instead he travelled alone one rainy night after everyone else had gone to bed and travelled through the night and throughout the next day as fast as his legs could carry him. His wolf had grown now and it was energetic and felt like it could run for days on end. He knew that he would have to eat though so after hunting a few tasty rabbits he set off again and napped in a closed off woodlands where nobody could find him unless they were really looking.

He knew that by now his parents would realise that he was missing and would have sent every legion out to bring him back but he was too far in front of them for them to catch him. His tongue lolled out of his mouth happily as he reached the borders of Crowleys kingdom and his brilliant eyes caught sighting of the great black castle in the distance where the king lived. One more day and he would be there.


He crept into the city late that night and turned into his human form which now felt strange due to the several days he had spent as his wolf. He walked unsteadily on his feet and decided that a hot meal and a warm bed for the night would be better than to storm into the castle when his mind was still foggy from transitioning from wolf to human.

He dug into his pocked and got out three silver coins and walked into the in, palm out so they would not immediately turn him away at the sight of a scrawny weatherbeaten body.

The innkeeper looked down at the coins in the young mans hands and grunted, took the coins from him and pointed for him to sit down on of the table and benches. He sat and waited until the innkeeper brought out a set of keys and a warm meal. He sat them down in front of the disguised prince and turned away without a single word passed between them.

This was going to be so much easier than Lycan had planned. If everybody in this kingdom treated him the same way as the innkeeper did, then he would not have to worry about being noticed.

The next morning he woke up feeling refreshed and after having a quick bath he was finally presentable enough to go and see the king. The guards ignored him at the castle gates, thinking he was just some errand boy and he got all the way to the throne room without being questioned once. His luck suddenly fell however when a guard stopped him just outside of the throne room and asked him in a gruff voice what his business was.

"I have a message for His Majesty, King Crowley from Their Highnesses, Prince Dean and omega Castiel." He grimaced and the guard lifted his eyebrow and laughed straight into the boys face.

"Sure you do."

"I'm telling the truth. It's about the disease that is spreading through our lands..."

"Disease... is that what they are calling it. Funny, that. We call it liberation in these parts." The guard looked him up and down before shrugged and opening up the doors. "Your lucky today, his majesty has no pressing business and will see you effective immediately."

Lycan walked into the vast throne room and looked around in distaste. It was nothing like the light and happy throneroom of his own kingdoms but instead here all the walls were dark grey and black and the nobles all had grim looks on their faces. Crowley sat on a huge black throne with his opal crown atop of his head and when he heads the doors opening he looked up, his eyes shining with mischief.

"Your majesty." Lycan bowed sarcastically and started right into the eyes of, what his people called, the demon king.

"Ahhh, your highness." Crowley growled and stood up, taking Lycan by surprise that he recognised the young prince straight away. Crowley was grinning viciously as he moved closer and closer to Lycan, making the young boy slightly uncomfortable. "I've been expecting you for quite some time. Take a seat, my boy. And tell me all about it."

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