A New Year's Walk - Morning Coffee

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“Hey, how about that place” she points ahead and I see a quaint little café I sometimes stop at.

“The Daily Grind” said the fancily carved wooden sign above the door, although I have to admit, that name came from me. I was friends with the café owner, nice game named Kevin, and since he bought the place, which was already a coffee shop before, I thought of something funny for it.

Surprisingly he agreed, other candidates include “True Brew”

“You want to eat there? It looks nice”

“Sure” I answer, at least after this; I can go on my merry way. And she can go on hers.

“Great! Let’s go!” She grabs my hand runs, I have to admit, that hurt my leg, and I should not be running in this condition. I kind of wished she didn’t do that, besides, physical contact, not my thing, I’ am not comfortable with that.


She parked her bike, locks the chain on the bike rack and walked to the door; I of course, waited for her and opened the door. Yes I may be anti social at times but I know social courtesy.

The chimes behind the door shook as we entered. It was modern to say the least, but there’s still something, classic about the whole place. White and black furniture made it look modern, but most of it was still pretty rustic.

The place had dim orange lighting too, made the entire place warm, the windows on the side enabled the small amount of early morning light to enter and hit some of the tables near it, even though the sun has yet to rise. There were only a couple of them inside, there was another half dozen outside on the patio.

We sit on one of the tables near the marble topped counter, behind which was Mike, Kevin’s younger brother. Leaning on the varnished wood paneled wall, lazily reading the paper, not giving a damn.

I pull out a chair and I guess the sound of wood on wood grabbed Mike’s attention.

“Huh? Oh, hey Nathan, how’s the- Oh” he interrupts himself for some reason.

I take off my jacket and hang it on the chair. Eloise was already on her way to order. So I followed suit. True enough, she did pay for our food; it was nice of her to keep her promise.

All I asked was for waffles and coffee, she had pancakes with blueberries and tea. I guess she really does care about her health. Meanwhile I overdose on caffeine and stay up late all night. Blame the insomnia.

Mike handed us our food, my coffee was already done the way I like it, Mike knew me well enough.

“See? I told you I’ll make it up to you!” she says as we carry the food to the table, we sit down and begin to eat.

“So” she says as she takes a small bite “What’s up with all the walking?”

“What about the walking?”

“Why do you do it? You said you’ve walked Fisher Trail a million times.”

“That was an exaggeration”

“Yeah I know, but I mean, you say you’ve seen it a lot, how come?”

“Well, it’s kind of a long story”

“I’ve got time”

Damn it, she’s getting a bit TOO annoying now, but hey, might as well.

So I tell her my story, everything from why the walks started, to why it continued.

“Oh wow, I thought you were just cheap” she answers, after staring at me the entire time.

“Well, I kind of am”

“It’s nice of you start thinking about your health though” she responds “It’s best to keep healthy”

With that, I Segway into MY question.

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