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Hi guys. I know. The 3rd A/N. This time however, i have a major announcement on this book. I have gone through and read the book and have noticed some major editing errors in the book. As of today, i will be working on fixing those errors. Some have been pointed out by different readers and i just haven't gotten around to fixing those small errors. Also a few things may change in the story as well as some longer, more detailed chapters coming out.

Since school has let out i have been so busy with my job that i barely have time to write. Most times im writing at midnight. Such as i am right now. So i apologize for the delay in truth or dare pt 2.

Anyways....isnt the baby girl above the cutest little thing. She was trying to ride her brothers bike and felt the need to put on his helmet.

This is also her

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This is also her. She didn't want to look at the camera so i had to call her name several times to get her attention. She will be turning 2 on September 12th.

But again. This book is now under editing so i would advise you all to start re reading the chapters as they are updated and fixed. They will temporarily be taken down to undergo the editing process. So if you are new to this book and randomly come across a part you don't understand, chances are the chapter before is under editing.

Thank you all!

P.S. I am still open about the Q/A chapter

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