Chapter 25

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Narrators Pov

"ADRIEN YOU'RE CHAT NOIR?!?!?!"Ladybug freaked out.Both of you looked a little nervously at her outburst.Her eyes were wide open and her jaw was all the way down.

"Wait a second..."Ladybug stopped dead in her tracks and processed the situation. Once the information slipped inside her brain,her eye brows knitted in frustration.

"YOU SHOWED SOMEONE YOUR IDENTITY AND YOU SHOWED IT TO A CIVILIAN?!?!?"Ladybug screamed and Adrien's sweat dropped cold.

He sighed and looked at the now freaked and stressed out Ladybug. "Listen...Y/N is my true love.I needed to show her who I truly was.It felt wrong."Adrien explained and Ladybug rubbed her temples still stressed out.

"Adrien you can't just show someone your identity because you love them.No offence Y/N.Adrien it's really dangerous to know otherwise they can become victims of evil."Ladybug reasoned out and the both of you nodded.

"Please Adrien don't do this again and please let me know if something similar or anything serious like this ever happens again " Ladybug reminded him that she would always be there for him and that she would help him with anything he needed.

Adrien thanked Ladybug and she nodded.She looked at you two with an unreadable expression plastered on her fine features.

"So... you both started dating before your identity was exposed?" The female superhero questioned and you both nodded.She sighed, dissapointedly.You tilted your head to the side but didn't question anything.

Beeping filled the room and that meant that it was time for Ladybug to be leaving.Taking a glance your way,she pulled out her yoyo."I'll-I'll see you guys around " She mumbled and left the scene.

Awkwardness was now surrounding the both of you as Plagg laid down on your shoulder.He huffed."That's how a love story truly begins" He stated and you handed him a piece of camembert.

"Um Adrien?"You called his name and he looked down at you.He nodded for you to continue."Um,I've been thinking about the whole super hero thingy." You stated and both males were concentrated in your words.

"And?"Adrien's eyes hopefully looked through yours, waiting for an answer.

"I'll-I'll do it." You stuttered out.Both of them cheered at your statement but you cut them off."But...I'll will only use it for emergencies.And by that I mean akumas.Ok?I won't use it like you do to come to my house or anything." You said and they both nodded furiously.

You chuckled at their excitement and Adrien enveloped you into a tight hug.You gasped.He pulled away once he realised that you couldn't breath.He kissed you and your forehead, making you giggle even more.

"Now you're exaggerating " Plagg muttered but Adrien didn't care. "I can't believe that my girlfriend will become a miraculous holder" He stated and you rolled your eyes.

Shaking your head,you continued through the night and you agreed that the next day, you were going to meet up with Master Fu to talk about the miraculous.

"Ok ok now I think it's time for you two to go to your home."You chuckled but Adrien simply hugged your waist like a small kid not wanting to leave.

"I don't want to leave"He shook his head and you sighed looking at Plagg.He shrugged."Why don't you?"You questioned and he buried his face in the crook of your neck.

"That place doesn't feel like home.But wherever you are does" He mumbled causing you told blush.You looked at him and smiled knowingly.

"So you wan't to sleepover here?"You asked as he pulled his head out your neck.He nodded and you chuckled."Fine but I don't want anyone searching the fridge at night...Plagg " You stated and he looked at you innocently.

"Me?Why would I ever-fine"You chuckled and he flew at you, sitting on your shoulder as you kissed his tiny head.

"I'll bring your cheese up here ok?"You asked and he nodded. "Seriously dude.Marry her."You laughed and Adrien blushed beet red.

"Anyways let's get inside.It's getting kinda chilly out here " You commented and all of you went inside.

After talking,explaining more about the miraculous and playing some pillow fights,soon you all fell asleep,cuddling each other.

~Magic time skip~

"Yawn"Adrien opened slightly his eyes,but they soon widened as he saw at what state he was."What?How did I-"He was lying on the floor,with his pillow on his face.

He got up and quietly started laughing to himself.There,right in front of him,you had your legs spread open and taking every single spot of the bed. through Adrien of the bed.But what surprised him the most was that you were cuddling Plagg with your palms.

Adrien shook his head and decided to take a photo of you for black mail.(Hahahaha-cough cough.I'm horrible at evil laughs. Moving on)

He chuckled looking at the picture and then walked up to Plagg.He nudged him and he woke up.

"It's time to go Plagg before Y/N wakes up."Plagg nodded.Adrien said the magic words and transformed into his alter ego.He kissed her forehead and jumped out the balcony,locking it behind him.

In a few hours he would see her again,since they had school!


Author Chan:Hmmm. This chapter seems shorter than usual.I mean it's only 874 words.

Chat Noir:Well that's ok darling.You did a great job.Like always ma belle~

Author Chan:Excuse me are you flirting with me?

Chat Noir:Maybe I am maybe I'm not.But fur you I'll do anything princess~

Author Chan: Don't you have a girl in your life?And why from all people are you choosing me?

Chat Noir:Because ma cherie you're the only one that hasn't fallen for my charms yet.

Author Chan:*Rolls eyes*

Chat Noir:*Goes in for a kiss*

Author Chan:*Steps the other way,making Chat land with his butt in the air*

Author Chan: Don't challenge me kitty.

Chat Noir:*Sits in a seductive pose*

Chat Noir:It seems like I've fallen for you m'lady.

Author Chan:*Deadpans*

Author Chan: ....

Chat Noir:*Chuckles uncomfortably and sweats a little*

Author Chan: ....

Author Chan: .......

Author Chan: Go to hell.

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