Chapter 2

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Thomas woke up to the gears turning, signaling the opening of the doors. He looked over, seeing Alby, Laina, and Minho waiting for the doors to open before running in.

Laina knew the maze better than anyone, showin Alby the way to where Ben came from.

Back in the Glade, Thomas sat on a tree, watching as the two boys hit a stump.

"Why would Alby go into the maze? I mean, he's npt a runner." Thomas asked, swinging his machete a moment before looking up.

"Things are different now. Alby went in to retrace Ben's footsteps before sundown." Newt stopped hitting the tree, looking at Thomas. "Are you gonna help?"

"So he's gonna go back to where Ben was just stung-" Thomas started

"Alby knows what he's doing all right? He knows better than any of us." Newt said, going back to hitting the tree.

"What does that even mean?" Thomas asked, digging his machete into the ground.

"Well, it's like you heard, yeah? Every month, the Box sends up a new arrival. But someone had to be first, right? Someone had to have spent a whole month in the Glade, alone." He looked at Thomas, seeing that he was listnening and continued. "That was Alby. I mean, it can't have been easy. But when those other boys started coming up, one after the other, he saw the truth. And he learned that the most important thing... is that we all have each other. Because we're all in this together."

Thomas looked at Chuck. As Chuck widdles at a piece of wood, Thomas gets up, kneeling in front of the tree stump, hacking at the roots.

"Yeah, there you go Greenie." Newt says as he starts on the tree themselves. Thomas looked up, concerned about the rain clouds washing in from the horizon.

Laina took a left, running through the maze doors. Alby had told her to go back, not to get caught in the storm and she obeyed, knowing he knew what was best for her.

Thomas ran to her bring her right under the shelter, and as if on cue, rain poured from the clouds. Laina sat on her 'bed' waiting to see the two people's return.

"They should be back by now. What happens if they don't make it?" Thomas asked, worried for the two.

"They're gonna make it." Laina assures.

"What happens if they don't?" Ava asked. Everyone finally decided to call her that than Greenie, which she threatened someone that if they called her that again, then they certainly regret it.

"They're gonna make it." Newt repeated.

By the time the storm passed, everyone stood at the doors, waiting for them to arrive. "Come on guys, can't we send someone after them?"

"It's against the rules." Gally said from where he was crouched. Laina made a promise in her head, if something happened to one of them, she would run to get them. "Either they make it back or they don't."

"We can't risk losing anyone else." Newt said from beside him.

Everyone started to walk away, a gust of wind giving them no hope. Laina stayed where she was, waiting to see a glimpse of the two. The doors slowly started to close.

"There!" Thomas said, pointing as Minho rounded the corner, something in his arms. Immediately knowing who it was, Laina ran in, running to the end to help Minho, no one holding her back.

She threw Alby's arm over her shoulder, taking some of the wieght off his shoulders.

"Somethings wrong." Newt stated, seeing Alby on the two's shoulders. Ava was behind them, walking slowly as if watching them.

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