Chapter One

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♥Jenny's POV♥

      "Ouch, ouch, ouch," I complain, holding my head as I slip out of bed. 

     My head was pounding ferociously and I couldn’t stop it. I had one hell of a messed up hang over all thanks to Tyler; my douche of a best friend. The guy literally dragged me along with him to a party so that he wouldn’t be alone. I mean for crying out loud, he could never be left alone. By the number of girls which surrounded the guy last night, the word 'occupied' would be an understatement.

     I barely had enough strength and energy to get ready for school but I had no choice. Taking a quick bath and freshening up, I packed my stuff for school. Suddenly an interesting fact was dawned upon me and I couldn’t help but laugh, though my head hurt like a b***h.

     I had two exams, four assignments due and some 'welcome to this school' party to attend.

     This didn't bother me because I know full well that someone in my class must have done it. A little threat here and there won't hurt anyone. It'll just get me the work and that's that. Life goes on right? What did that great book say again? Yes, "sharing is good", which means, sharing school work is even better than good.

     Beep! Beep!'

     The sound of an incoming message snapped my mind away from my train of thoughts. Quickly I left what I was doing and rushed towards my phone which lay stationary on my bed. Seeing that the message was from someone important, I decided to actually read it.

     Hey Jen, I won't be at school today, which means I won’t be picking you up. See you after school? Bye babe, the hangover has me bad. - Tyler

     Oh so it doesn't have me bad too? Whatever... You best come over today so I can beat your *ss at some video games :3 - Jenny

     I'll be there, and you wish! - Tyler

     I can't believe my ride actually stood me up without a minute to spare when he was supposed to be here. Oh well, I do own a motorcycle anyways, I better put my baby into gear. But, before that... Some food sounds nice.


     I was already stepping out of my house when I heard my name being shouted from behind me. Stopping in my tracks, I turned around to face my mother who was already prepared to leave for work. Her long copper colored hair is in a high bun, her suit properly pressed and her makeup was perfect too. Everything about this lady was actually lady like.

     "Where's Tyler today?"

     "I don't know but he's not coming. What's the prob?" I ask with the least of interest in my tone of voice.

     "Nothing really, I just need to have a chat with you," She says, giving that look with her green eyes which said, 'It's about that topic again'.

     "If you're going to ask me if I am a lesbian or bisexual, then forget it. I am not; I've had the biggest crush on Andrew for the longest while. I dress this way because I want to," I defended, saying the truth, knowing that that look was a judgmental one.

     For the longest while my mother has thought of me as a lesbian ever since my brother broke the news of he being gay to her. She is a homophobic *ss and kicked him out of the house. Luckily for him, he already had a job and was planning on moving out already.

     As for myself, I dressed exactly like a guy only because their clothes were comfortable. I even went to the extent in putting a pixie cut. With short hair, boy clothes, the love for video games and sports, my mother takes me for a stereotype tomboy. This woman is insane to ever think that I would want a girl as a partner.

     "No, it's not about that topic today. James is coming to visit for a month and I'm going away for a business trip the same day he is coming. It's not that I don’t want to see my son because I know that's what you're thinking. But, this trip is really important to the company."

     Sure... not to see her son, she says. Puh-lease. This woman would do anything to get out of his site.  

      Rolling my eyes, I answered with a bored, "Sure," but deep down inside I knew that this one month of having the house all to myself, with Tyler, James and maybe Andrew as my partners in crime would be just splendid. Maybe, just maybe Andrew and I could hook up by then. Just maybe... Or something unexpected can happen... You can never know.

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