"Hello Kaleigh, nice to meet you, I will be your hair and make up stylist today. I have to say I love your hair! Anyway, here is what I have planned: First, make up. Now, you will be photographed in color, like always. Therefor, your make up is going to be like this: Your eyes are going to have a black cat eye and mascara. For your lips we are going to do them in a Coke red. Your hair is going to be put into a perfect high pony tail, sound good?" I nod and she gets to work.

(Kayla's POV)

Joyce finished my hair and make up around 9. I thank her and walk to the dressing rooms where Lily is standing with my sister and I's clothes.

"Kayla, you look beautiful! OK, so your outfit is on hanger one and you will be in dressing room 2. When you're done come and see me." 

I arrive at the door and step inside. I look at the outfit Lily has picked out for me..Wow! It is a pair of jean shorts, a cropped top with white and red stripes that ties in the front, and a pair of black Vans. I slip it on and look in the mirror, pleased. I decide to take a picture and send it to Niall.

Me (With picture attached):  Hey babe! I'm at work and just wanted to say Hi. :) Love you! Also, will you give Perrie my number for tonight? Thank you! Xx

I head out of the dressing room, phone in my pocket, and straight to Lily.

"Lily, I love it! What do you think?"

"You look great! I have a few accessories for you." I walk over to a table and she pulls out a pair of big lense sunglasses and I put them on.

"Better?" I ask. 

"Perfection." She replies. 

"Awe thanks! When will I be photographed?" 

"As soon as your sister is done with getting ready, but you'll be photographed first don't worry." I smile and nod. Then I see Kaleigh walking towards us.

(Kaleigh's POV)

Charlie finishes my hair and make up around 9:30. I thank her and walk to the dressing room, where Lily and my sister stand.

"Kayla, you look beautiful!" 

"Thanks sis, you too!" she replies and smiles.

"Hello Kaleigh, your outfit is on hanger 2 and you will be in dressing room 1. When you're done come see me OK?" 

I grab hanger 2 and head for dressing room 1. I get there and open the door, once inside I look at my outfit. It is a red, silk, coat dress with red high heels. I smile and put it on. Once it is on I look at myself in the mirror, perfect.

I walk out of the dressing room and over to Lily and Kayla. 

"You look amazing!" Kayla and Lily say.

 "Awe thanks girls! Do I need any accessories?" 

"No maam. Let's get you two photographed!"  

"Ok, Kayla first," Stacy starts.

(Kayla's POV)

Stacy hands me a coke can with a straw and tells me to stand in front of a white back drop. "Ok Kayla, so as you know today you will be photographed in balck and white. Now, the only color in the picture will be everything red, being your lips, the stripes on your shirt, and the coke can. I want you to put your left hand on your hip and hold the coke can up to your lips with the other hand, and sip on the coke through the star. Also don't look directly at the camera, sound good?" I nod and get in position. 

"Perfect! Now, hold still I'm going to take several like always." Several flashes later and Stacy tells me we're done. 

I walk over to the screen and look at the pictures. "I look so cool in black and white. I love the little pops of color!" 

"Another amazing job from you Miss. Kayla! Never a disappointment. Be back in in about a week. I'll text ya and let you know. You staying for Kaleigh's turn?" 

"Yes I am and thank you Stacy!" 

"You're welcome, Kaleigh your turn!"

(Kaleigh's POV)

I walk over to where my sister just did a black and white photo shoot, but I see a new back drop. It has stacks of Coke boxes behind me. 

"Ok Kaleigh, you will be photographed in full color. I want you to sit on the floor and prop your left leg up. Then look at the coke can like you are reading it, but look sexy...do you understand?" I nod and get in place. 

"Perfect! I'm going to take several as well." A few clicks and flashes later and Stacy calls the whole shoot to a rap. I go look at my picture. 

"Love them as always, I look sexy!" I say. 

"You two did an amazing job! Now go change and go home. What do you have planned for today?" Stacy asks

"Well Olivia, us, Perrie, and Sophia are going dress shopping," Kayla says.

"Who's Perrie and Sophia?"

"Oh, sorry, Perrie is Zayn's girlfriend and Sophia is Liam's girlfriend."

"Oh, duh! Why are you dress shopping?"

"Well, One Direction got nominated for Brit awards and since we are dating three out of the five members we get to go!"

"Omg no way! Good for you girls, that's amazing! Have fun...I'll look for you on t.v."

"Thanks," Kayla and I both say.

"Well go change and head home....you deserve it! See you in like two weeks or so, I'll text you Kayla. Bye girls." Stacy hugs us.

(Kayla's POV)

I finish changing and see I have two new texts from Niall.

Niall: Damn babe! You look hot as hell in that, Love you! <3 Xx

I smile and read the next one.

Niall: I gave Perrie your number and she said she would text you some time after noon. Love you baby. Oh ya, and you are super sexy ;)

I giggle and relpy. I decide to attach my black and white photograph too.

Me: Thanks, you aren't to shabby yourself. Like my photo shoot picture? ;) Love you baby. Oh ya, and thanks for giving my number to Perrie. Xx"

I hit send and head to the car.

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