Coke or Pepsi?

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(Kayla's POV)

Niall dropped me off at Liam's flat to get our car back yesterday. I finally got to my house last night around 9:30. It is now 6:00 the next morning and my alarm just went off. Ugh, work. Before I hop in the shower I check my phone and see that I have a text from Stacy.

Stacy: Good morning Kayla! Don't forget that we are doing a photo shoot today. So just shower and put on comfy and hair will be done here. Tell Kaleigh please! Love you!! See you girls at 8 for make up. The shoot starts at 10 in studio 6. :)

I reply. 

Me: Thanks for letting us know. I'm so excited! I wonder what the shoot is for...but you won't tell me. ;) Love you too! See you at 8.

After that I open my bedroom door and walk to Kaleigh's room.

*Knock Knock*

"Come in Kayla." Kaleigh says from the other side of the door. I open it and see her just waking up.

"Good Morning. Stacy texted me and wanted me to remind you that we have a photo shoot today and to be there at 8 for make up. The photo shoot starts at 10."

"OK. Thanks for telling me...we should both shower. I'll meet you down stairs at 7:30." I head for my bathroom.

*After my shower*

I get out of the shower and look through my dresser. I put on a white lace bra and underwear set, along with a pink tank top and black sweats. I go to my bathroom and brush out my wet hair. After, I look at the clock and see it's exactly 7:30. I grab my phone and head down stairs.

When I get down stairs Kaleigh is by the door. "Ready to go?" 

"Let's go!" I grab my car keys.

*At studio 6*

We get to the studio exactly at 8. Yes, on time! We walk into studio 6 and Stacy is talking to our stylist, Lily, about our clothes.

"My two favorite sisters are here! Kaleigh, Kayla, girls, How are you? Word on the street is that you are dating famous Brits. Is it true?" She asks jumping up and down.

"Nice to see you too Stacy, and yes, it is true. Kayla is dating an Irish man actually, Niall Horan. I'm dating Harry Styles. Olivia is dating Louis Tomlinson. " Kaleigh responds like it is normal.

"Omg!! Good for you to know what today's photo shoot is for?"

"Yes!" I reply eagerly. 

She laughs, "It's a Coke themed shoot!" Me and Kaleigh smile at each other. "Awesome!" We both say in unison. 

"Let's get you two in hair and make up!"

*In hair and make up*

(Kayla POV)

I set in the chair and my make up artist for today, Joyce Bonelli, told me what she was going to do to my hair and make up.

"Hello Kayla, nice to meet you, I will be doing your hair and make up today. So here is what I have planed: First, make up. Now you will be photographed in black and white today. With that being said, your make up is going to be very light, but your lips are going to be a bright red. You will see why later. Second, your hair. I am going to loosely curl your hair towards the bottom. I will make it look lively without looking fake, sound good?" I nod and she gets to work.

(Kaleigh's POV)

I set in the chair and my make up artist for today, Charlie Green, told me what she was going to do to my hair and my make up.

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