Chapter 12: Getting Ready For Prom

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Previously On Coach's Little Girlfriend:

Finn's Mom, Carole called his son Finn, about they're Family Reunion. Rachel overheard it, so she asked Finn about coming with him, but Finn didn't that she was kidding. He can't say "no" to her so, he said "sure" seriously. But secretly he wants her to come with him, to have company.

"He loves her?" Carole asked. The aunt nodded.

"He told me, he's falling inlove with her" She said.


 It was one of those days, that both Santana and Rachel are really bored. So they scheduled a sleepover at Santana's house. Both of them are watching Pretty Little Liars. Its pretty awkward for Rachel when it comes to Ezra and Aria kissing and stuff.

"Thats so romantic and wrong at thesame time" Santana commented. Rachel frowned. "If that could be me and Mr. Hudson, i would fuck him senseless" Santana smirked. Rachel felt pang of jealousness. She glared at Santana.

"Dude, really?" Rachel said after slapping her bestfriend's shoulder, ex bestfriend if she would keep that up.

"What..!? ,,I mean who wouldn't fuck him,, his hot" Santana grinned. 

You have no Idea - Rachel thought smirking. 

"Ok moving on" Rachel said slowly, act like she feel weird talking about the football coach. Santana rolled her eyes. Sometimes she heard Santana muttered about her being a prude. You should ask Coach Hudson about that . 

"So Prom is coming up" Santana said still looking at the Tv while Rachel is looking at her. "So are you bringing someone?" She continued, and now looking at her. Rachel didn't even think about Prom, she too caught up with her being with Finn.

"I don't know, Im never really into Prom" Rachel shrugged. Suddenly Santana laughed.

"Yeah, remember, you were wearing you converse to prom while wearing a dress" Santana said still laughing, Rachel joined her. When the laugh died down, they both sighed loudly.

"What can I say I hate heels" Rachel said proudly. She's not really a tomboy or anything, she just doesn't like to wear dresses and heels and stuff. She does like wearing summer dress, or spring. 

"No kidding" Santana chuckled. "Seriously, are you bringing someone or what?" Rachel shock her head no. "What why?" Santana asked. 

"I told you, i didn't have time to care about it, because i got a lot of things going on in my mind right now, and im not planning to dump it all over you" Rachel said seriously. 

"Try me" Santana said turning her body to face her.

"I can't Santana, its very serious" Rachel said sadly. 

"Fine" Santana muttered in understatement

"Im sorry, I can't tell you" Rachel looked at her with an apologitec face.

"S'kay" Santana said.

Both of them ignored the talked they had, and turned they attention back to the TV


After the sleepover, Rachel went to go back to her house, and went straight to her room. She dialed the person, that had been in her mind a lot lately.

PhoneCall Conversation:

Hey Finn, its me Rachel - R

I know, I can see your ID - F . She can hear his chuckle from the phone.

Oh - R . She felt her cheek redden.

So, what do you want to talk about? - F 

Well prom is coming up - R

And? - F

Well, I was gonna ask you but I just remembered I can't go with you" - R 

Just get to the point - F . He said with a chuckle.

I just need your permission, to you know, go to prom with someone - R . Finn hesitates for a moment, and felt jealousy took over him. 

Sure, its cool - F . He said trying to gather himself up, he just doesn't want to be one of those boyfriends who are really overprotective.

Thank you, Love you - R

Love you too - F . He said with a smile spread across his face. 

Bye FinnyBear - R . She said with a tease. 

Bye RachieBear - F .He can hear her laughed loudly. 

Bye Rach - F. He said seriously but with a chuckle. 

Both of them hang up. 


"Finn, guess what?" Rachel said hugging him in the back excitedly. Finn chuckled of her cuteness.

"What" Finn said pulling her into his lap. Both of them were on Finn's Apartment. And suddenly Rachel just barged in.

"I found my dress" Rachel said clapping her hands enthusiastically, bouncing up and down on his lap. Finn frowned a little, she gonna look pretty of course, but unfornately, not for him though. "Awee , why are you sad Finny?" Rachel said giving him a peck on his cheek.

"I thought you hated Prom?" Finn asked. 

"yeah, hated prom , its past tense" Rachel said seriously. She took a good look on his face and finally look in his eyes. "Are you jealous?" Rachel smirked.

"Pfftt,,, noooo" Finn denied. "why do you thi- " he look at Rachel's face. She was raising her one eyebrow. "Fine" He muttered.

"Don't worry Finny, im all yours" Rachel smirked.

"Even now?" He smirked. Rachel nodded. Suddenly he throw Rachel over his shoulder and went to his bedroom. Close it and lock it. 

"Come here tiger" Rachel groaned. 

A/N: Well @lovestorys28, your wish have been commanded. I made Finn jealous. Probably, next chapter, im gonna make it to a whole new level of jealousness. 

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