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Pen Your Pride

A/N: I just want to try something different in this chapter. You guys might feel like it's nonsense, but please just keep on reading and if you really don't like the thought of it, just leave comments below so that I can know and advoid it next time...

So ladies and gentlemen, may I present you: Lilo Paynlinson


Louis' P.O.V

Daniele asks me to go out. She is Liam's girlfriend, which makes me quite confused, but she keeps on insisting. To be honest, Liam is the one I love, so I don't want to make him worry. Therefore I have to force myself to go even though I don't like Danielle.

The lads know I'm a gay... well it is quite obvious, but they would never know the one I love is Liam Payne. We're two world apart, Liam is kind and gentle and ma-tu-re while I'm the opposite. But to me, it's more like an opposite attraction!

"What is it Danielle?" I sit down next to her in a bar. I want this day to end as quick as possible. I want this conversation to end. I don't like, no one likes, talking to your secret love's girlfriend, who is also a nice and gentle person in comparison to you.

"Well she should be here in a minute. Liam is looking for her." Danielle mutters.

What? Liam too? Here? NO WAY! And who the hell is "her" she is talking about?

"Oh there he is!" Suddenly I hear a voice gesturing at me, that low tone has got my heart fainted everytime!

"Hello Louis," A nice-looking girl standing right behind Liam speaks up, catching my attention. OK this is awkwark! Who is she? "Nice to meet you, my name's Eleanor."

What the f-? I just broke up with my ex week ago because I don't want to cheat on her that I'm a gay, and now this? Is Liam trying to set us up? What a "clever" match-maker!

"Nice to meet you too, El. That is a cool name. I love saying it." I fake a smile. This girl is quite cute though. Maybe I'll turn her down easily. "You have already known my name, so no need for me to introduce myself."

Yeah, she laughs. "So what are you doing for the living?" I suddenly ask. Well, when you're trying to turn someone down, you shouldn't make them feel like they are not wanted. And I'm trying to make her feel less depressed when I turn her down, at least that's what I'm trying to do.

"I'm a model." El blinks. Beautiful eyes I must admit, not as catchy as Liam's though!

"Oh a model? I can tell by the way you look!" I say. Turning back my gaze to Liam, who is grinning ear to ear, I hiss, gritting my teeth. "You mind a minute, mr.Payne?"

"Sure!" He replies as I pull him away to get a private conversation.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I start.

"Hmmm well why don't you find out yourself." Liam smiles. I hate it when Liam makes my heart race with his smile while I was trying to be serious.

"Stop it Payne! I don't like it!" I burst out, but still control my volume.

"Ok ok she's El's friend. I met her and she was adorable, so I thought you would like her. You just broke up, you might be heart-brok-"

"Stop being my father Li! I don't need you to worry about my relationship." I cut.

Liam's face turns from surprise to anger. His eyes widen, his breath becomes heavier, he holds his hand on his heart. "My bad for caring about you, Tomlinson!"

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