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1) Pack an extra bag in your suit case

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1) Pack an extra bag in your suit case. If it is made of thin material, then it would take less space.

2) Instead of folding clothes, you should roll it up.

3) Have a dirty clothes bag. Use this bag so all your clothes is separated from clean and dirty.

4) Use your shoes for extra space. Small things and can't find a spot for it? The answer for that is packing the small things in your shoes.

5) Have an essentials bag just in case your carry-on or suitcase gets missed place.

6) Wear your heavier clothes on the flight, so you aren't adding extra weight or space in your suitcase.


I got you all with some traveling tips because I think you might be having a super fun summer, unlike me procrastinating about my summer hw i gotta do.

The back to school chapters will be coming soon! I just want to have my last summer videos out there, just in case yall are still having fun!

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