I walked down the hallway while people looked at me in disgust.

"FAT" "UGLY" "WHALE" " DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER" "BIG MAC "COW" is what I heard all the mean kids in school call me.

I tried not to cry and keep my head up high so I wont give them the satisfaction but sometimes, I just give in and cave in under the pressure.

I heard more negative comments coming from everybody.

I ran into the bathroom and saw the basketball team captain Craig Crippen. He bullied me the most. I watch as he stared at me.

He walked up to me and I shook with fear.

He punched me right in my face making me tumble to the ground.

"Ugly fat stupid bitch." He said kicking me in the side walking out. I just sat their and cried.

I am Jacob Anthony Perez the fat boy of Crenshaw High who weighs 275 pounds.

Why can't people just accept the skin i'm in.

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