These three warriors

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Olympus - Private Meeting


The three brothers of the big three stood in the throne room, discussing an important topic-- well, more like arguing.

"You two broke the oath! Your children should be executed immediately!" yelled Zeus.

Hades and Poseidon glared at him.

"Have you already forgotten that you have broken the oath as well? We should have your children executed!" Hades argued back.

Zeus glared back at them.

"My daughter Thalia is a hunter of Artemis. Artemis will not be happy that you killed one of her hunters."

Hades laughed, but not because of humor.

"And my daughter Bianca is also a hunter of Artemis. Artemis won't be very happy either if you kill her." he said back.

The two brothers looked at Poseidon.

"What about you Poseidon? Let me guess. Your daughter is a hunter of Artemis." Zeus growled.

Poseidon gritted his teeth. "I only have a son."

Zeus and Hades looked at their brother triumphantly.

Poseidon glared at his younger and older brother. "Oh don't think that you have won. Zeus, I've heard that you have a son named Jason-- and Hades, don't even get me started on Nico." Poseidon argued back.

The youngest and oldest brother looked shocked. They started yelling out questions.

"How do you know about Nico?"

"Jason? How do you know about him?"

"We will not kill my son!"

"If you kill my son there will be war."

Poseidon raised his hand to make the two brothers silent.

"We will not kill my son either. If your children stay alive, my son stays alive as well."

Zeus and Hades glanced at each other and had a quick silent conversation. A few seconds later they looked back at Poseidon.

"Fine," Zeus started, "We will allow your son to live if our sons live too."

"But," Hades said, "I have heard that you and Zeus have been having troubles with protecting your domains. Is that true?" He asked.

Poseidon nodded his head slowly. "Yes, Oceanus has been attacking Atlantis lately and I've been busy."

"I have been busy with Olympus and other matters as well." Zeus said.

Hades nodded. "I have been busy with the underworld also, dead souls and all."

The three brothers stared at each other until one of them thought of a solution.

Poseidon thought of the solution. "Why don't we make them warriors that help protect our domains? My son has been bored lately with nothing to do besides fighting monsters-- and his sword skills are amazing also."

Zeus and Hades pondered at the thought.

"Yes.. Nico has been doing nothing lately but train... since Bianca is gone with the hunters he doesn't really do anything." said Hades.

Zeus nodded his head in agreement. "Hera has been trying to get Jason to do something-- but Jason refuses. I know Hera and she hates my demigod children... I will agree with your choice."

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