Chapter Twelve: My Birthday

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"mature love is composed and sustaining; a celebration of commitment, companionship, and trust."
-h. jackson brown, jr.


If there is one thing I learned from what had happened, it's that I have a lot of respect for Saphiria.  She didn't have to help everyone out by dating Pyris after the prophecy tore me away from him, but she did, and that is such a respectable thing for her to do.

The school week continues, and the first chance I get to talk to Pyris in private, I pull him aside, and luckily, we're in study hall.

We sit next to one another against the wall, and I end up talking first.

"So, are you really okay?" I ask him.

"Yes, Hypaeria, I am," he replies genuinely.

"Okay, because I just didn't you to be hurt by all of this and not tell anyone."

"I would've been sad if nothing else happened after our separate conversations, but Saphiria asked me out, so I felt a bit better."

"Yeah, I respect her a lot for doing that.  Look, Pyris, I'm really sorry you had to go through this, but it was out of my hands."

"Don't apologize, Hypaeria.  I understand everything that that prophecy forced to happen, and I am happy for you and Adrian.  He and I have gotten a lot friendlier after you and I made up earlier.  And he and I are still fond of one another."

"Okay, well, can we still be really good friends, then?" I ask him.

"Of course, Hypaeria."


After school that day, once night has fallen, I bring Adrian outside to speak with him in private as well.

We sit at the table in the backyard, across from one another.  Now that he is my boyfriend, I am beginning to realize how handsome he is, especially now with the moonlight reflecting in his green eyes.

"'re my boyfriend now, I guess," I say.

"Well, not yet," he replies, which catches me off guard.

"What do you mean?"

"I haven't asked you out yet."

"Oh yeah, sorry," I say, chuckling.

"Okay, so..." he says, standing up and bringing me up with him.  He holds my hands in his, and says, "Hypaeria Aesyph, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, Adrian Hazereaver, I'd love to."

We both smile elatedly, and now I realize how pretty his smile is.  We embrace, and then sit back down.

"I never got the chance to tell you, Hypaeria, but you looked amazing in that cat costume on Halloween," he tells me.

"Thanks," I reply.  "And you were the hottest nerd I've ever seen in my life."

Another realization forms: The connection between us is something I've never felt with anyone else.  We both share similar circumstances in life, and we both can relate to one another more than to anyone else.

"So, you think Pyris and Saphiria are enjoying one another?" he asks me.

"Yeah," I say.  "Pyris seems to really like Saphiria, and knowing Saphiria, she's already planning their wedding, to be honest."

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