our escape

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I ran to wards the door with great fear as the apes behind kept gaining on me. I slid beneath a broken glass like structure finding my self in a key room, where all the keys to the hotel was kept I packed  all the keys in my knapsack and carried my chocolate in my hand and pocket then went back under the glass like structure only to see a group of apes awaiting me. I used my chocolate to bribe the apes by feeding them.  I looked in my knapsack and searched for the keys to the cage which my father was in pulled the cage and freed my father the we had to face Dracula to save mom and  Justin.  we traveled through the  every room till we found Dracula's apartment we entered just in time to see him about to turn mom into a vampire I knock him out then got mom and Justin and flee from the hotel back to the bus then drove off but I noticed the monsters trailing our van at top speed and that's the end

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