Chapter Five: Love, Lucy Heartfilia Pt. 1

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Hey guys! Leelee here! Anyways, this is a warning for sensitive and easily bored readers. This chapter will be longer than a lot of the other chapters. Plus, it'll be emotional, so get the tissues ready!! Just kidding, but seriously, I almost cried writing this chapter. Lol. Happy reading
Lucy's POV
As soon as I stepped out of the guild hall, I felt free. I didn't have to worry about being beaten up by my former friends anymore.

But I was also unsure of where to go. I didn't want to join another guild just yet. I wanted to train first. The question was... Where?

Suddenly, a bright flash appeared next to me, and I covered my eyes.

"Princess, are you okay?" A familiar voice asked.

I lowered my arm to see Virgo standing in front of me. "I'm fine. I quit the stupid guild a few minutes ago."

Virgo frowned and said, "What are you doing out here?"

"Well... I dunno where to go," I started to say.

"Princess, you forgot the first step on moving." Virgo interrupted.

My face probably displayed my confusion, because Virgo sighed.

"You have to pack, Hime," She said exasperated.

I let out a little, "Hehe..." then started to walk to my apartment.

But before I could do so, Virgo stopped me. "No, you sit back and relax and I'll move everything over to the celestial world."

"B-but I'm not planning to live in the celestial world!" I stuttered.

Virgo turned around and gave me a look that said, 'are you stupid or what?'

"It'll be easier to move everything to the celestial world than taking everything with you. Then later, I'll take it back out," Virgo explained.

"Right," I said. Then we started walking home together.

Five hours later...
"YASS!" I cheered. "We're FINALLY done!!"

The room was completely empty, and so were the other rooms in my apartment. I had already told the landlady that I would not be coming back, and I even gave her this month's rent! Virgo had gone back to the celestial world.

I held a few envelopes close to my chest. They were letters to the guild members, some were for my real friends, and some for the traitorous team I was once part of.

Thinking back on them, tears suddenly filled my eyes. They were happy tears, for I was free to do whatever I wanted.

"Open, gate of the lion, Leo," I murmured.

"Long time no see, Lucy!" Loke shouted. "And you look as charming as ever..."

"Loke," I said, ignoring the last part. "I need you to give these letters to the guild once I'm gone."

I handed him the letters, and he nodded in understanding. "You can count on me, Lucy!" He said, giving me a flirtatious wink. Then he was gone.

I sighed, and started to notice that the sun was setting quickly.

As I walked out of the apartment for the last time, I thought back to the first day...

"Ne, Natsu!" I said excitedly. "Look at my guild mark!"

"Oh yeah, Luigi?" He replied in a bored tone.

"It's LUCY!" I yelled

I smiled for the first time in months, a real smile.

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