Chapter 34

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Last reminder. PLEASE re-read chapters 31 and 32 if you haven't. The rest of this story will have you pretty confused if you don't. 

This chapter is dedicated to my lovely and talented sister Ali Novak. Her new story and the second installment in The Heartbreaker series, Paper Hearts, is now available for purchase! Such a proud sister moment. Everyone go check it out, it's wonderful!

When the last bell of the school day finally rang I felt my shoulders slump in relief. The day felt as if it had gone on endlessly. Sawyer was still avoiding me, the school counselor had already scheduled our next meeting and I still felt Jack's icy glare on my back wherever I went.

All I wanted to do was go home and take a nap.

"So what are your hot Friday night plans?" Em asked from beside me as we walked out to the school parking lot.

I gave her a small shrug. "I'm probably going to go home and take a nap."

I was utterly exhausted. All I could think about was my bed.

"We could have a girl's night? Me you and Leah," Em suggested.

"That actually sounds great," I told her.

Hopefully a girls night would take my mind off of everything that was going on. 

After a nap...

"I'll ask my mom and text you later," I said as we reached her car.

Emily gave me a nod in response and I set off toward Ty and Porter, who were waiting in the back of the parking lot by Ty's car. "Took you long enough," Ty commented as soon as I reached them.

I stuck out my tongue in response and slipped into the backseat. My phone buzzed in my pocket as I buckled my seatbelt and I was surprised to find that it was Sawyer who'd texted me.

Don't worry about the dinner tonight. Ur off the hook.

I let out a long, frustrated sigh as soon as I read the text. I'd totally forgotten about the family dinner I'd promised to attend with Sawyer.

Then, a moment later I received another text.

I'm sure u already forgot anyway.

I narrowed my eyes at the text message. The only reason I'd forgotten about the dinner was because I had such a crazy week. It was hard to think of anything other than the baby and Leah. Frowning, I sent him a quick text in reply. I'll be there at six.

He responded almost immediately.

It's cancelled. Like I said, ur off the hook. U have enough to worry about at home.

I thought for a moment before typing out my next reply. We have to talk.

I know, he sent back immediately.




"Wake up you lump."

I felt slight pressure in my right side and let out a long, grumpy groan.

"She's dead I think," a familiar voice commented. It sounded like Em.

"Maybe we should dump cold water on her."

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