Chapter 8 ~ Johnny

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Saturday Morning

So, Mackenzie and I are hanging out later today, I think we're gonna go see something at the movies. I'm low-key so hyped. Things have been going good to be honest, Kenz and I have been texting back and forth since Tuesday.

Every now and then she sends me a selfie on snap chat, she has a really pretty smile. I don't like like her though.

Despite the fact she's pretty unpopular, we let her join the crew. I think she's actually gaining popularity pretty fast.

The movie starts at 3.30pm so I quickly text Mackenzie that I will pick her up at 3.

JohnnyO😎: hey kenz ;)
Kenzie🐶: hiii johnny
JohnnyO😎: meet you outside at 3? we can go see a movie, buy something cool.
Kenzie🐶:sure, as long as your here with me
JohnnyO😎: after the movie we can go get ice cream or something? i'll pay
Kenzie🐶: you don't have to pay! ice cream sounds great tho (:

~Time skip to Johnny picking Kenzie up~

I knock on Mackenzie's door and wait till she answers. She opens the door and I see her face light up when she sees me and I smile.

"Johnny!" She exclaims "I thought you might not come..." she bites her lip.

"Why wouldn't I come?" I say with my head down.

"Oh, I don't know, please don't be sad!" She says looking into my eyes, "I just thought that maybe it was a joke, like who would want to hang out with me?"

"I do," I assured, "I really enjoy hanging out with you Mackenzie, don't worry about what the others say,"

I lead her and we walk to the cinema, it's not far so I don't mind. Once we're there, I turn to Kenzie,

"So, we can either see this horror movie called-" I get cut off.

"I'm terrified very easily. No horror, she says anxiously.

"Right. You like kids movies?" I ask her.

"Duh! Who doesn't?"

"Right! Sing it is I guess,"

"Yassss!" She screams. I'm glad I made her happy.

~After the movie~

The movie was so good, both of us laughed our heads off, and I think Kenzie might of cried at one point. She won't admit it though.

We're walking to the ice cream parlour when we pass the park,

"Wanna go there to ice out ice cream once we've bought it?" I say pointing at the park.

"Sure, sounds great," giggled Kenzie. She always seems to giggle around me, but not anyone else. Weird.

Once we reach the ice cream parlour we wait in line until it's our turn to choose.

"Hello," chirps a smiley worker, "what would you two like?"

"Double choc chip and cookie dough, please," we say in unison.

"Was that rehearsed?" the worker laughed.

"Nope!" we say in unison, again.

"Omg, you guys are freaking me out now.," she says still laughing, and handing over our ice creams, "you're a cute couple though,"

Why do people always say that?

Once we go out the ice cream shop we walk back down the cobbled path to the park, and we sit down on the rusty old double swing set.

"Johnny?" Kenzie asks licking her ice cream.

"Yeah Kenz?"

"Do you mind people thinking we're like a thing?"

"Hmm, nah, I don't mind,"

"Oh, okay," she says.

"Don't you think it was weird how we were talking in unison?" I inquired.

"Yeah, it's like we're telepathic or something" she jokes.

"Mackenzie," I whispered, just loud enough for her to hear, "come here,"

She moves her swing closer to mine.

"Now shut your eyes," I tell her she obeys. This will be funny. I get my ice cream, and put a little smudge on her forehead, "okay you can open them!"

"Johnny, what did you put on my forehead?" She giggles. Back at it with the giggling Ziegler?

"Ice cream," I smirk, "guess I'm gonna have to lick it off!"

"No, Johnny, stop," she squeals, laughing her head off as I lick the cookie dough away.

After I licked it all off we made eye contact. She has incredible, chocolate brown eyes. NO SHE DOESN'T JOHNNY WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!

Just as we were looking at each other, I feel a tap on my shoulder, so I turn around.

"What the hell are you doing here, Nadia!?"

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