SasuNaru : Semes & Ukes

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A/N :

Ok guys this is my 5th SasuNaru story expect i decided to add a bit more yaoi by adding shino / kiba , neji / shikamaru & gaara / lee :)

Well i hope you enjoy this story .

( And + i couldn't think of an intro :L )


My POV :


Sasuke , Neji , Gaara and Shino walked down the school hall while the girls and boys stared at them in awe . Some brave boys asked them to be their semes and they'll be the ukes but they always came back crying and with a broken heart as goes for the girls.

But they already have their eyes on some ukes , for a rather long time ...


Naruto's POV :


Me and my friends blushed and turned away as the popular boys came in .

Crowds and Crowds for girls and boys started running to them and shouting ' I Love You ' or ' Please Be My Boyfriend ' and ' You're So Hott ~ And Dreamy '.

'' W-whats so good about them !? '' I asked turning around to Lee , Shikamaru and Kiba .

'' N-nothing !! There're just a bunch of cool guys thats all !! '' Kiba shouted but it was a tiny whisper compared to the crowds shouting.

'' Ah , so troublesome '' Shikamaru sighed.

'' That's it my youngful friends !! '' Lee shouted .

We all turned around to see Lee who was wiggling in his green jumpsuit doing something like the jelly fish dance.

'' Eh , Lee what are you doing ? '' I asked.

'' Hn ? I-I ...don't .. know '' He mumbled stopping and bowing his head down in shame.

'' Em yeah , that's .. um ..normal '' Kiba commented.

We all sweat dropped .

'' Let us all play tag ! '' Lee shouted .

Shikamaru sighed.

'' Lee , we're in school .. '' Shikamaru said.

'' So what ? '' Lee said .

He ran to me and tag me on the shoulder but while Kiba thought it'd be fun if Lee fell he put out his foot and Lee tripped on it.

'' Uawhh ! ''

Lee fell on top of me making me hit the floor .

'' Ita .. '' I opened my eyes just to see Lee on me .

'' Lee !! Get off me !! '' I shouted.

'' Opps .. Soorrryyy Naruto !! '' Lee said getting off me.

'' Tsk '' I got up rubbing my bottem .

I turned around only to be meeted by Kiba's and Shikamaru's laughing faces .

'' Very funny Kibaa '' I mocked .


Sasukes's POV :


I felt myself getting angry as Naruto's friend Lee fell on him .

'' Gaara '' I hissed through the crowds '' Make sure Lee doesn't fall on MY Naruto again ''

'' I will '' Gaara hissed back .

'' Hn '' I muttered .

I looked at my soon to be boyfriend rubbing his ass . It make me so hard watching him do that .

Ever since i layed my eyes on Naruto i knew i wanted him and ever since that day i've been having wet dreams about him lying underneath me , moaning my name .

I nearly started drooling but shook my head and stared at Naruto again.

He looked incredibly sexy today with his long black pain shirt and his baggy grey shorts with black hightops .

I licked my lips.

' Soon ... '


Gaara's POV :


I stared at Lee as he got up off Naruto .

I was jealous and slightly angry at Naruto but i knew that it wasn't his fault that Lee fell on him but Shino's crush , Kiba .

'' Shino you better watch out for dog boy '' I whispered to Shino .

He fixed his dark black glasses .

'' I will '' He whispered back .

I turned and looked at Lee as he started blushing at his friends laughing .

I wanted to slam past the crowds and kiss him dead but instead i'd frighten him dead.

I looked at him and than soon enough started to stare.

The green jumpsuit looked so sexy on him tighting the curves and when he jumps his muscles flex.

' Soon ... '


Shino's POV :


I stared at Kiba as he started laughing the blonde idoit and youngful fool .

I liked Kiba ever since my eyes met him .

I nearly fainted when he wore something amazingly sexy today ; a black plain wife beater showing off his muscled arms and his neck , brown grey dress pants and white hightops.

I smirked under my top .

' Soon ... '


Neji's POV :


I didn't hide my wide smile from the fangirls/fanboys when i looked at shikamaru laughing .

Though i didn't hide the frown too when i saw him laughing with Kiba .

I knew Shino likes Kiba but even so any boy who gets near Shikamaru will be dealt later , expect his friends or he'll get angry or sad at who ever did this.

I started drooling at what shikamaru wore ; a cream jumper opening to view to his neck slightly , dark blue ( almost black ) pants ( not tight or baggy ) and a pair of black shoes .

The fangirls and boys looked at me drooling and thought that they started it and started to blush and giggle .

I ignored them and wiped the drool off my face .

' Soon ... '


What Sasuke , Neji , Shino & Gaar thought :


'' Soon ... you'll be mine very soon .. ''


Chapter 1 done ;)

Well i hope you it :L

Updating soon !


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