|Jason Dean| "I Killed Heather Chandler."

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"I love how they think I give a shit

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"I love how they think I give a shit... Pathetic, I don't care if that bitch is dead..."

"I know right, Like oh Y/N you're such a kind soul."

"Pft... If only they knew the truth." She smirked.

Mrs. Fleming walked towards the group of black jackets. Y/N looked at her and sighed slightly, hiding the cigarette behind her back, causing the two girls beside her to readjust their clothes and smile innocently.

"Hello miss." The H/C haired girl smiled.

"Hello Y/N, Are you okay? I know you were close to Heather."

"Oh yes... I'm fine. It's a bit of a shock, but as they say, life has to go on sadly."

She nodded and walked away, she scoffed and took the cigarette, placing it between her pale lips and sighing, causing smoke to billow out the end of the cigarette.

"... Ugh, teachers get right on my nerves." She hissed.

"You and me both." A voice called behind them. The group turned, surprised to see Jason Dean in front of them.

"And what does the mysterious JD want? Might I ask?" Y/N puffed a small amount of smoke towards the floor. Before dropping the cigarette on the floor, pressing her black boot on it, the smoke hissing quietly.

"... How do you feel about this little suicide act?" He smirked as if he knew the group had been talking about her before.

"She was a skank when she was alive; she's even more of one now... I hope she rots in hell..." The girl said coldly, her eyes narrowed slightly, her expression monotone.

She was oddly familiar to JD, she had a troubled past, watching her parents be murdered in front of her. She was only close to Heather C. because Heather used her to look good for showing sympathy. However once Y/N showed her up, JD had taken an interest in her.

A few months before.

The H/C sat at their table, slowly stabbing her food with the fork in her hand, letting out a sigh now and then. A few good looking lads walked past causing the Heathers to swoon, her E/C eyes looked up briefly she rolled them quickly before looking back at her half empty tray.

"Oh Y/N I know it's hard, you see your parents, I'm always here for you, you know that."

The sentence was often repeated, especially when Heather C, found a guy good looking... Again it made her 'Image' look good. Again she glanced up and narrowed her E/C eyes slightly.

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