Kendall:"What do you wanna do?"I asked looking at her making her smile and wiggle her eyebrows at me making me giggle and push her face away playfully"Perv"I mumbled making her laugh and shrug.

Y/n:"What! You asked what I wanted to do and I answered honestly"She said defending herself making me laugh.

Kendall:"Okay fine! But we can do that later... I'm talking about  what we could do when the other come here"I said making her chuckle.

Y/n:"That whole sentence is so wrong babe"She said making me groan and shove her.

Kendall:"You're so annoying"I said waking up and sitting in the other end making her chuckle and then pout. I crossed my arms and looked at the TV making her sit next to me and kiss my face.

Y/n:"Baby..."She mumbled kissing my jaw and then my cheek making me ignore her. She pouted more and laid her head on my lap making me look down at her"I'm sorry princess"She said giving me a smile making me groan and roll my eyes.

Kendall:"You're a idiot"I said looking at her making her chuckle and wrap her arms around my waist and hiding her face planting small kiss on my stomach lifting my shirt up a little.

Y/n:"Hmm....But you love me"She said pulling away and looking at me.

Kendall:"Sadly"I mumbled making her pout. I laughed and kissed her pout making her smile. I pulled away and sighed"Okay but seriously what do you wanna do?"I asked making her sigh. She furrowed her eyebrows and stuck her tongue out a little making her look adorable.

Y/n:"Uh..."She was still thinking making me look at her and smile at her cuteness. Even though she annoys me like crazy sometimes I missed especially her stupid smile that manages to make the butterflies in my stomach go insane"Oh we could have a barbeque...."She suggested making me hum and nod.

Kendall:"Yeah....we haven't done that in a while"I said making her wake and smile big.

Y/n:"Oh you girls could swim and myself and the guys can drool at how hot our supermodel girlfriends are"She said making me roll my eyes at her childish behaviour.

Kendall:"You're such a horn dog"I said waking up walking to the kitchen making her chuckle.

Y/n:"You're weren't complaining all those other times...."She said following me making me turn around and hit her shoulder lightly.

Kendall:"Shut up"I mumbled blushing a little making her chuckle and pull me closer to her resting her hands on my ass"Careful Y/l/n"I said making her chuckle and squeeze my ass making me gasp.

Y/n:"You're mine Jenner"She said as her lips ghosted over mines making me nod"Don't ever forget that"She mumbled connecting our lips again making me moan and cup her face deepening the kiss. She placed me on the counter and moved between my legs making me bite her lip and pull it a little making her groan. She moved her hands down to my jeans undoing it when we heard a knock on the door making us pull away.

Kendall:"Oh come on!"I groaned making her chuckle and peck my lips and button up my jeans.

Y/n:"Till later babe"She said making me groan and her chuckle walking over to the door. I got off the counter and walked to the draw pulling out a pen and page since Y/n had to go and buy a few things. I was busy writing a list of things for Y/n to buy when someone jumped on my back making me stumble.

Bella:"Kella! (Kendall and Bella's ship name)"She yelled making me laugh as she got down and hugged me.

Kendall:"Hey Bells"I said as she pulled away. I greeted everyone and we all moved outside sitting and talking.

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