Reckless Part 1.

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I woke up to find Y/n out of bed making me groan a little and hear music coming from the gym we had. I grabbed her shirt and boxes and walked to the room seeing her working out. Damn. I leaned against the door and watched her making me bite my lip a little. She was doing push ups when she looked up and stopped.

Y/n:"Motivation would be nice babe"She said chuckling a little in the same position.

Kendall:"W-what kind of motivation?"I asked clearing my throat a little. She got up and looked at me smiling a little.

Y/n:"Lay down"She said making me look at her a little confused"Lay down on the floor"She said making me follow her instructions. I laid down in the floor making her hover over me.

Kendall:"Tell me how this would help?"I asked laughing a little. She pecked my lips and pulled away smiling.

Y/n:"Every time I do a push up and come back down I get a kiss and not to mention I get to stare at that pretty face"She said making me blush and bite my lip a little. I like this idea.

She was busy doing her push up while I laid there giving her, her rewards which I was getting a little frustrated by considering I wanted an actual kiss. She came down for another kiss making me put my hands behind her neck holding her in her place making her smile and bit my lip.

Kendall:"That's better"I mumbled pulling away a little making her chuckle and kiss my neck.

Y/n:"It is"She said between kisses making me moan slightly. She pulled away and looked at me biting her lip"Well, I should get back to my work out"She said waking up making me pout and get up.

Kendall:"Babe you have the whole week to do that..."I said making her sigh.

Y/n:"I know babe but my schedule is tight and Its just an hour more and I'm all yours"She said making me pout. She started doing sit ups making me walk and stand in front of her"Babe"She said looking at me. I sat on her making her sigh.

Kendall:"Baby..."I whined making her look at me smile.

Y/n:"I see nothings changed"She said making me stick my tongue out at her"Okay what do you wanna do today babe?"She asked making me smile big.

Kendall:"Well for one"I said connecting our lips again making her smile and kiss back"I really needed that"I mumbled pulling away making her chuckle"And two lets do something we used to do"I said making her raise an eyebrow at me.

Y/n:"Like what?"She asked making me smile.

Kendall:"Lets call over the guys and girls and see?"I suggested making her nod and smile.

Y/n:"Okay baby....whatever you want"She said making me smile and peck her lips. I ran my hands up her sweaty arms to her face and bit her lip earning a moan from her.

Kendall:"I think its time for a shower...."I mumbled between kisses making her groan and pull away slightly.

Y/n:"Hold on"She mumbled before connecting our lips again making me wrap my legs around her waist as she carried us to our room. She placed me on the counter in our bathroom and moved her kisses to my neck making me moan and move my head giving her more access.

Kendall:Y/n...we should shower"I mumbled making her stop and pull away.

Y/n:"Yeah...shower, good idea"She said making me giggle a little and her smile. After our heated shower we changed into some clothes and walked to the living room.

Kendall:"I'll call the girls"I said pulling out my phone making her nod.

Y/n:"I'll call the guys"She said making me nod. We called them and they all agreed to come over which we were excited for since we haven't done anything in a while. We walked to the couch and sat down thinking of what we can do.

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