Chapter 1

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"I... I like you! "

He said loudly. These words were enough to make you forget how to breathe. Both yours and his eyes were looking towards the ground, and you could feel yourself blushing to death.

Nagisa Shiota... really likes me? Am I dreaming?

You had always been waiting for this moment. Right in front of your eyes, the cutest boy of the school, the blue-haired Nagisa Shiota was standing looking at the ground, shy to even raise his head.

You tried not to jump around in happiness, and cleared your voice, smiling kindly to him. You needed lots of strength to manage to look at him.

"Nagisa, I... I also... I also like you..."

I said it!  I can't believe it I said it!

There was a moment of silence, with you anticipating Nagisa's happy and relieved reaction since you shared the same feelings. You could hear your heart beating faster and faster, wondering if the boy could hear it too. But then the reaction he gave, was wide-open eyes, staring into yours.

"Wait... what?"he said.

He was shocked, you realised, but something was off... you could sense it was not a happy feeling, but instead... he was scared?

"Oh, Y/N, it's not what you think it is! Karma-kun, come here!"


You saw Nagisa looking around anxiously, nervous as if something had gone very bad.

What the hell is going on?

"I... Nagisa, what happened?"

Nagisa bit nervously his bottom lip, looking at you in regret. He lowered his voice.

"I... this is a misunderstanding... this is..."

"...a dare."

Another voice completed Nagisa's sentence, and you felt as if someone had violently removed your legs from your body. You were about to fall, feeling your heart hurt and about to bleed, and you leaned on a desk, trying to keep yourself steady, turning the head to the direction of the door, to see the person that had just come in.

Of course...

"Akabane Karma... "

You mumured in disgust when seeing the red haired boy that had just entered the class, smirking at you and the panicked Nagisa.

"I told you it was wrong, Karma-kun!"

Nagisa whined at Karma and he just sighed, ignoring the boy and looking at you, never losing his smirk.

"Don't take it to heart, Y/N. It's not Nagisa's fault, I was the one who gave him the dare. But... the point was for you to reject him, as you have done countless times before with other boys. But I guess... Nagisa is different, right?"

Realising he had tricked you, you tried to keep your head up high, staring right at him, furious. However, the tears burnt your eyes and you knew you wouldn't be able to stand long against him.

"I am sorry for ruining your fun time, Karma, by telling him I like him. Well, I should have imagined that he wasn't serious... I am sorry, Nagisa, to put you under that shock..."

The bluenett smiled bitterly at you.

"It's okay... I am the one who should say sorry, I shouldn't had have accepted Karma-kun's..."

"I won't hide it that I really like you. Don't let it burden you, but just... just have in mind that your friends... are really the worst."

These were the words you said when you walked towards the exit; however, you were not lucky enough. When passing by Karma, you felt his hand grabbing tightly your arm.

"Why are you like that? Is it so bad to be rejected, miss-one-week?"


With your other hand, you gathered all the strength that was left in your body and managed to slap Karma's cheek hard enough for him to let go of your arm. You stepped away from him, and his angry eyes met yours. He was about to yell at you, but he froze when noticing your tears.


He didn't continue, since you ran away from the class, leaving him and Nagisa behind, looking at the door unable to say a word.

Karma raised his hand and touched his chest. It was suddenly so hurt, even at the thought of your tears passing by his mind. The slap had given him a red mark matching his hair, but that part of him was suddenly the one to feel the least pain.

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