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"You're late" Tony was the first one to notice me. I don't give a damn about his remarks and sit on the vacant VIP seat. The club was loud and the place was full. This is my definition of relaxation. I just love the vibe, the music and mostly the girls dancing on the dance floor, tryna be the one to be taken home showing off all that they've got.

"I call dibs on the one with the black jacket" Kyle was pointing towards the dance floor.

"She is crazy hot, but she look like someone I know" Mark finish his drink in one go.

"Like your sister?" Kyle jokes and Mark punch him lightly. " No one talks bad about my baby sister" he was drunk.

" She is your step-sister for damn sake and aren't you the one who said that she's hot" Tony was laughing like an addicted, which he really is.

I poured myself another drink, I need to be drunk in order to forget my frightful evening. Mr.Cambell, our calculus teacher warned me that if I failed again in my exams , I might need to repeat my year. I can't afford to lose my year. Never. Stupid Mr.Cambell, let's see what can you do to me.

"Hello" one girl with a large breast and a tanned skin approach me and sat near me. She was so near that she was almost sitting in my lap. She is the type of girl I pick up every night and I gave them the most wonderful experience. I am an unforgettable experience, no wonder a girl always falls in love with me.

Every night I would take someone home but tonight nothing seems to get me in the mood for that. I can't afford to lose the year and stayed behind these jerks.

" I remember, that's Raphael Cambell , the one and only daughter of our dear Mr.Cambell" Mark was squealing.

"What? How can Mr.Cambell have a daughter that hot, OMG, he didn't even have a wife" Tony shouts.

" I heard that his wife died long time ago" Mark poured himself another bottle.

"Are you sure that, that's Cambell's daughter?" I shake off the girl and face towards the so-called-Cambell.

"I am 100% sure that she is Cambell, Raphael Cambell. She is our junior and she is the hottest and the most badass girl the school ever had...." that's all i need to know.

"HEY, I CALLED DIBS" Kyle was shouting but I couldn't care less.

I walked over to her and she was dancing among the boys. Although I can't see her face , I feel her aura that she is a wild one. But too bad, she is gonna get her heart broken by me due to some daddy problems.

Mr.Cambell, you've messed with me and now you've woken the devil. Now, I've got to take away your most prized possession.

"Hey, beautiful" I hold her on her waist and she makes a slight surprise reaction. She turn around and look at me.

What's happening with me? she wrapped her hands around my shoulder and pulled me closer, she pulled me till her eyes level and smiled, " Keep your hands to yourself , darling or you might miss it forever"

Her eyes were sweet and her smile were heavenly but her words cuts. I know that I am in trouble , I have done something that I probably should've never done. Will there ever be a way out?

Is there a button for unlove ?

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