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I re read over the little piece of paper in my hand about a hundred times, why is this song so important? I haven't been in a music mood at all lately. I have been experiencing one of my all time low's in life and nothing seems appealing to me. I have been repeating in my head that I will somehow forget Mike and move on, that I will one day find someone who will love me back.

I grab ahold of my phone and go straight to my messages, and nothing is there. I feel a sharp pain in my chest but then it goes away as if I am used to it now. I head over to my music app and type in,

"Hold on till May"

I decide to download it at the fact I'm just not in the mood for loud stuff in my ears. I just want to be alone, and drown in my thoughts.



"Bro! Are you almost ready? Vic yells at me from the bottom of the stairs.

I'm not ready, I have felt like nothing more than shit. I don't want to go to this lame ass party, but Vic insist I go and try to get my mind off of her. Little does he know all of my thoughts are consumed by her and I want nothing more than to forget her, but it isn't that easy. I keep giving myself a pep talk as I am doing last minute touches to my look. 

She left you.

For no reason.

All you did was put in your best effort.

She left you.

As I am heading down the stairs I see that Vic is already taking shots with a few friend of ours and is begging me to take the last shot round with them before we head out.

"C'mon Mike! You used to be the alcoholic now you are acting like a wuss." Tony yells at me.

"For real. You must be really head over heels in love with someone for you to stop drinking." Jaime laughs and I want to do nothing more than punch him.

I think about it and see that all my friends are practically begging me to do this and won't let me live it down if I deny this shot, After all... I am trying to forget her.


I walk into a friends house and it all seems way too familiar to me. All these girls are dancing around with little shorts up their asses and all the guys are walking around trying to feel up on them. Handing them shot after shot, trying to get them at their lowest point. I feel almost disgusted as I watch what is unfolding infront of me. Then I think back at how I used to do all of this. 

"Hey look there, it's the Fuentes brothers along with Jaime and Tony." Austin and Alan say as they approach us all by the door.

We all shake hands before Alan suggesting we do a shot before we went searching through out the house.

"Here." Kellin slides me a shot and I want to refuse the shot but I can tell at the look Vic gives me, he isn't having none of my shit.

"All right, I'm counting down!" Jaime says and I want to barf right then.

"3-2-1!" Alan says so quickly and I didn't even realize I had it down before I felt the burning in my throat.

"Dude! You ass! I wanted to do it!" Jaime says to Alan.

"Oh well." Alan says and Jaime shoves his arm in a playful way.

I roll my eyes and I feel bad that I am being miss Debby Downer right now but it's how it is right now and I can't seem to shake it. I walk around the big house noticing everyone who is here, I see some faces that I know of and some that are new.

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