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His forehead rested on mine, and I'm pressed against the wall, caged by his figure. Both of our breathings are harsh and quick in effort to get oxygen, before the air is cut off again with joined lips.

His hands lift up my bum and I wrap my legs around his waist, and he begins walking upstairs, where he saw me running down.

"Where is your bedroom?" his deep voice breaths, his hands harshly groping my bum, and I can feel his hard manhood rubbing against my feminine parts.

"Last door to left." I moan out as his mouth attaches to my neck, softly yet just enough harshly biting the skin there before sucking on my sweet spot, he perfectly remembers its location just below my earlobe.

I moan out and my eyes roll back in my head, how I missed this.

He pushes my door open with his food and stumbles in, and closes the door with his back behind him, then throws me on my bed.

He never really was too gentle, and it drives me crazy how much I love it.

He takes his shirt off his body, putting on a private show just for me and I watch the muscles under his tattoed skin.

I could swear the temperature in the room just raised for about a hundred degrees.

I lick my lips and bite my lip at the sight of his newly gained biceps and I refuse to remember how he got them.

I will make his recent past full of fighting and drinking disappear, never to make him that way again.

He raises his brows at me, and with a quick pull at my ankles, brings me closer to him on the bed.

"I believe we don't need these." he says, his voice raspy with need.

His fingers come to the front of my jeans, teasingly unbottoning the button and pulling down the zipper, and a single curl falls to the middle of his forehead.

He leaves it there and lets his fingers wander souther and souther and so close to there, and then pulls them away and pulls the pants off my legs.

I groan, wishing for his fingers to return to where I need them.

He smirks when he sees me squirming for him, and he climbs over me like a predator about to devour his prey.

"I missed this." he says, his face directly above mine, and he captures my lips with his, sucking on my bottom lip and then nibbing on it, like he always does.

"Me too." I reply, looking up at his green eyes.

"I love you. I'm sorry I didn't say it back. I love you." he gulps and I smile.

"I love you too."

"Did you, um, did you do this..." he doesn't finish, but I know what he means.

He needs to know that I haven't done anything like this with someone other than him.

"I didn't. I kissed but-"

He looks away, shutting his eyes, and I bring his face back to look at me.

"Harry, look at me, please. I stopped it. I always stopped it after a few pecks. I couldn't do it."

He looks at me again, visibly relaxing.

"So that guy from yesterday...?"

"He was my boyfriend." I tell him. "That was him."

"I should've killed him." he says, his eyes darkening.

"You really shouldn't have." I say. "It was always you for me. It always will be you."

His look softens, and he brings his lips back down on mine, no more urgency in the kiss, just pure love.

Butterflies fill my entire body, not just stomach.

His hands begin to roam my body again, and my fingers rediscover his back, trailing up and down. He lifts me up, taking the shirt off my body, and taking my breast out of my bra, sucking on to it, and I arch my back in pleasure, moaning.

He bites down on it and I hiss, digging my nails into his back and hearing him groan when I begin to lift my hips for the much needed friction.

I thank the stars when I finally feel his fingers at the hem of my panties, and I tug on his curls, forcing his mouth to let go of my neck and join with my lips again, biting his lips.

His fingers slip into my panties and I moan, loudly, when they reach my spot and begin to make circles on it.

I move my lips to his neck, kissing and nibbing on the soft skin there, while tugging on his curls.

He groans and slips a finger inside of me.

"Fuck." he gulps. "You're still so fucking tight."

I see stars when he begins to move his finger and hit some place inside me each time, making me a moaning mess underneath him when he adds a finger.

I whine when he removes his fingers and gets off of me, pulling down his pants.

His manhood comes into view and I smirk at him.

He smirks back and winks at me.

Reaching into his pocket, he brings out a condom. "We're gonna need this." he wiggles it in the air, ripping the pocket and slowly slipping it onto him, before climbing back on me again.

"Ready?" he asks, positioning himself at my entrance. I nod and hum, but wince when he starts slipping in, not being used to being stretched like this.

"Fuck." Harry breathes out, squeezing his eyes shut. "Fuck, this feels good." he gulps and brings his lips back to mine, resting his forehead on mine as he slowly trusts in and out of me, over and over again.

The pain is completely gone by this point, my body trembling with pleasure, my nails digging into his back, up and down.

His thrusts become faster and deeper and he can't stop moaning. It's the hottest sound I have ever head.

His hands reach for mine and he intertwines our fingers on each side of my head, his hot and raged breath on my neck, and his movements become even faster.

The bed is squealing like crazy underneath us, but I can barely hear the sound through both of our moans.

"I'm close. Are you?" he rasps and I nod. "Yes."

His hips fasten up, and the feeling of pure bliss fills every fibre of my body, and it feels like I have left my body as the strongest orgasm I have ever had hits me hard like a train.

Harry comes seconds after me, his body collapsing on top of mine.

When I return back to reality, both of us are breathing hard and he looks at me, still hovering on top of me.

"That was... Nice." he says and both of us start to laugh.

"It was." I smile and kiss him again.

The rest of the evening is spend by repeating the action over and over again, till we both fall asleep, completely exhausted.


Love, P.❤

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