All You Need Is Love

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My summer ended with a sweet kiss and followed by, "I love you René!" That came from a boy with his face dirty and sticky from the blood...


Waking up my first thought that came to mind as I looked in my mirror, was, "My name is René James," I have no idea why that was my first thought but it was.

My second thought was too stare at my face and what I saw was: my hair a dirty blond, long and unkempt, (most of the time,) my eyes are a gem like green, (witch is pretty cool if you ask me,) my skin tone's creamy white- because I don't tan very well, (making me look like a silly ole vampire,) I chuckled at that thought Then I see my lips are full and heart shaped, (also kind of like a girls, but I make 'em look boyish with the lip piercing I got- that my parents don't approve of.)

My next thought was too write a blog about me and that went a little like:

I'm a seventeen year old boy, going on eighteen. I'm a freshman at Prince Edward High School. I know older then most, I started school late - like five or six- only because my mum thought I was "too small" to start and I started at six, apposed to most "normal" people started at age four or five. And that's why I'm one of the oldest "kids" in the freshmen class. Anyway, I'm no longer the smallest but for I'm a whopping, six foot seven. I know tall. Thank god I work out!

Lets move on to?

My family? Yeah lets talk about that!

Hmm well I have one sibling and that's my little sister Jennie, she's four; she has wavy strawberry blond hair that goes to the middle of her back, with eyes with four colours yellow round the pupil and then blue and green round the yellow then the brown rim of the eye. She's my rock! I love my baby sister!

Then there's my dog Maggie a golden retriever that we had since I was a baby. Aren't dogs just the greatest? I think so, they don't freaking judge like people do, that's the best part about Maggie!

So who's next? Ah yes my mum, Alice, I got most my looks from aside the blonde hair. Well we kind of look like boy girl twins except the boy was over grown (me) and the other one looking a little older- meaning my mum. Not that she's old or anything. It's like that for my sister and dad, except the hair and eye colour and the obvious age difference. She had my mum’s eyes and I had my dad's. Obviously I don't mean that literally... My family's the best, except for that fact their Catholic, but we'll talk about that in an other blog.

Moving on! Where I live. Well I'm not going to tell you my address, so how about I tell you about it?

So, we live in a small town with at least a couple thousand people, but not enough to call it a city. It has no mall but strip mall's downtown for clothing, a small grocery store. If you wanted fast food you would have to go into the city. For our entertainment there's a drive-in and a small rec centre. Enough 'bout that.

Anyway, lets move on, I'll tell you a little bit about Jeannie and I

I spend most summers, no not just summers weekends and week days, at Jeannie Baker's place. She's my best friend, ever since middle school. She's also seventeen and a soft-more in high school. She makes the boys go crazy, with her looks. Her curvy body, perfect height, her medium straight blonde hair, her dark blue eyes, her flawless creamy skin.

No wonder the boy's like her. And if I wasn't gay I would want to be her boy friend too. Yeah that's right I'm gay. The only people that know about it are my mum and dad, their totally okay with it. Jennie's too young to understand what gay means. Oh yeah Jeannie knows too (obviously.) Anyways nobody would really ever expect me to be gay, because I'm what most say "I'm macho," or "tough," it was probably because I was on the football team. Or maybe it's 'cause I'm always with the hottest girl at school. Or maybe it's how Jeannie and I act, like we're a couple, with our hand holding, cheek kissing and the hugging. But the thing is I'm a huge "metal head.!

I'll end it here. 'Til next time fellow bloggers! René!

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