Chapter 7

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I barely remembered the ride back to the clubhouse, but I did stay conscious, though I'm not sure how. My arms stayed clamped around Hawk's waist, on his stomach. If I'd been more with it, I might have at least thought about sliding them a little lower.

I didn't.

When we were in front of the garage, my hands slid away. Hawk grabbed them like he was afraid I would fall. Maybe I would have. I didn't want everyone to see us sitting there like that.

I heard Bull and Icarus talking to Hawk, even though I couldn't make out all their words.

"Gavin," I groaned his name. He shivered against me. That had to be wrong.

"Relax," Hawk told me. "No one cares, particularly right now. Hold on to me a little longer."

The buzz of another voice sounded. Hands lifted me. I fought against it, an instinctive response from me. Another voice—Icarus?—said, "You're fine. We've got you." Then, the darkness finally swept over me.


The next time I woke up, I lay in a familiar bed. My bed in the clubhouse. I didn't even remember them carrying me up here. Or into the house. The fact I was still here had to be a good sign.

Maybe they wouldn't kick me out for yet another screw-up. I tried to sit up, but I couldn't move my left arm. I nearly panicked but a hand rested on my other shoulder. "Relax," Hawk said.

I wet my lips before looking at him. I could just make out his outline in the darkness. He leaned in toward me. "What happened?" I croaked.

"I hoped you could tell me. I told the board what I could, but it wasn't much."

I groaned, but it wasn't from the pain I was in. Hawk must have taken it that way, because he pushed back from the bed. "I'll get Medusa. Let her know you're awake."

I reached out for him with my right arm. "No. I'm fine. What happened in the meeting? Am I out?"

I saw the hesitation in his eyes, and I hated it. "They haven't made a decision yet," he finally said. "They wanted to talk to you before they do."

"What do you mean 'they'?" I asked, catching how he kept saying that. "You're part of the board, too."

"They all know what my decision will be. No matter what you did or didn't do, it would be the same. I offered to sit it out, knowing I can't be unbiased."

"The good of the club, right?"

Hawk stared at me for a moment then shook his head. "Sometimes you can be such an idiot, Damon. I'll go get Medusa."

I stared after him as he left the room. What the hell had that meant? Did he think I was stupid? No, that couldn't be. Whenever I said something along those lines, he lectured me. He wouldn't be saying it to me now.

But, he had, hadn't he?

I didn't have a lot of time to mull it over, as Medusa stepped into my bedroom almost as soon as Hawk left it. He couldn't have found her that quickly.

"I was on my way up to check on you," she said as she headed toward my bed.

Well, that made a little more sense. "I'm fine." But, I winced as I shifted on the bed.

"I'd say you're far from it, Devil. You know, I heard the end of your conversation."

I had to keep myself from wincing at that, too. What would she read into it? "What about it?"

To my surprise, she smiled at me. "I used to snap at my Flint like that, too, you know? Whenever I was afraid he was getting too close to my raw spots. It never stopped him, either."

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