Michael x reader

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, sorry this took so long to write but this is a request from ShadowPirrupWayne2~

~Your POV~

Today I was going to my best friend Michael's house, we were sitting on the couch watching a horror movie and I slowly moved my gaze towards Michael, he had a blank expression on his face. I looked towards the T.V again, the girl was getting killed making her blood splat everywhere and my face get pale, i quickly hid closely to Michael. I heard him chuckle, i look up with my face bright red from embarrassment and I looked back at the T.V seeing the girl died on the floor.

I went pale again, I felt arms go around me making me blush, "Your such a conformist but..........your my conformist" he said lifting me up putting me in his lap and kissed my cheek. I blushed madly and wrapped my arms around my neck, he smirked and flipped me onto the couch. He made my back hit into the couch, he caged me inside his arms and he started to lean on his elbow. 

With his spare hand, he grabbed my chin "(Y/n) your my best friend and my first love, You may be a conformist but I love you, I'm such a conformist asshole for saying this but...........Will you be my girlfriend?" he said, I blushed and I grabbed his chin making his lips press onto mine, I smiled into the kiss and he put one hand on my cheek and the other was placed on my hip.

After a while, we disconnected our lips and stared at each other breathless, he pressed his forehead against mine, i smiled sweetly. He put his hand on my cheek stroking (HIS MEMBER......I'm so sorry......... back the story!) his thumb against my cheek, he smiled for the first time in front of me. "I'm smiling, this is so a conformist thing to do" he said still smiling, "But your my handsomely cute conformist" I said kissing his cheek.

His face lit up like a light bulb, I giggled.

~Timeskip and Michael's POV~

I look in my arms to find my new girlfriend cuddled up in my arms asleep, she is the most beautiful, most caring and kind girl I've ever layed eyes on, she looks adorable in her sleep, she slightly had her mouth open making the most cutest snore ever, I wrap my arms tighter around her and she pressed closer into my chest. I began to fall asleep, I put my head into her strawberry scented hair.

~Timeskip and Your POV~

I started to wake, I felt warm and safe. I lift my head up looking up a Michael he had the most calm and happiest face I've ever seen. He still had his arms tightly around me, I love him so much. Even if he is goth I love him dearly.

~Sorry that it's short but its cute~

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