Jumping Over The Moon

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~Previously on Rent~
Gray: Well me and the gang are going to a restaurant called Blue Pegasus. If you would like, you can come w-...
Juvia: I would love that.
Gray: Great. Now let's go. The gang is waiting.

They walk into the large room where history will be made.
As they walked in Juvia recalled Rogue and ran up to him and hugged him. Then all of a sudden the roar of a motorcycle was heard.

On the motorcycle was a blonde that the gang knew to well. Next to them was a light tower. On that tower, was Erza, controlling sound and the lighting on the blonde. The blonde went onto the stage and everyone was cheering...
"LUCY!!!!!!! Whoooooooo!!!!"
Lucy took her helmet off and threw it at the audience. All of a sudden lights in the back turned on and Lucy began to tell a story.

Lucy: *sighs*
Last night I had a dream
I found myself in a desert
Called Cyberland
It was hot
My canteen had sprung a leak
And I was thirsty

Out of the abyss
Walked a cow, Elsie
I asked if she had
Anything to drink

She said, "I'm forbidden
To produce milk
In Cyberland, we only drink
Diet Coke"
She said, "Only thing to do
Is jump over the moon"

"They've closed everything
Real down"
"Like barns and troughs
And performance spaces
And replaced it all with lies
And rules and virtual life
But there is a way out"
(Leap of faith, leap of faith
Leap of faith, leap of faith)
"Only thing to do
Is jump over the moon
I gotta get out of here
It's like I'm being tied to the hood"
"Of a yellow rental truck
Being packed in
With fertilizer and fuel oil"
"Pushed over a cliff by
A suicidal Mickey Mouse
I've got to, got to, got to find a way"
"To jump over the moon
Only thing to do
Is jump over the moon"

Then a little bulldog entered
His name we have learned
Was Benny
And although he once had principles
He abandoned them
To live as a lap dog
To a wealthy daughter
Of the Revolution

"That's bull," he said
"Ever since the cat
Took up the fiddle
That cow's been jumpy"
"The dish and spoon
Were evicted from the table and eloped
She's had trouble with that milk
And the moon ever since
Maybe it's a female thing"
"'Cause who'd want to leave
Cyberland anyway?
Walls ain't so bad
The dish and the spoon for instance"
"They were down on their luck
Knocked on my doghouse door"
I said, "Not in my backyard, utensils
Go back to China"


"The only way out is up"
Elsie whispered to me
"A leap of faith"

"Still thirsty?"
"Have some milk"
I lowered myself beneath her
And held my mouth
To her swollen udder
And sucked the sweetest milk
I'd ever tasted

"Climb on board", she said

And as a harvest moon
Rose over Cyberland
We reared back
We sprang into a gallop
Leaping out of orbit

I awoke singing
(Leap of faith, leap of faith
Leap of faith, leap of faith)
Only thing to do
Only thing to do is jump
Only thing to do
Is jump over the moon
Only thing to do
Is jump over the moon
Over the moon, over the

Moo with me
Come on sir,
moo with me


Thank you

* instrumental*

There were many cops and such beating people up for absolutely nothing.
Everyone in the gang got out of there. Then the scenery changes to the Blue Pegasus joint.

Lucy: I can't believe Gajeel did that.
Erza: I know but they will be out with in the next 24 hours so don't worry.
Lucy: I know but it's the principal of the problem!
Erza: I  calm down.

Erza and Lucy finally met up with the others. The only one they could find was Natsu.

After a few minutes Natsu comes running to Blue Pegasus with very good news.

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