chapter twenty-three

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I sat at one of the tables in the library with Piper as Annabeth looked for some books to read while we talked.

"So how are things in Hufflepuff?" she asked and I just sighed. 

"They are all so nice but I just want a break from everything," she nodded her eyes shifted to a bright blue colour under the candle light in the castle. 

"Hey guys, you might want to look at this." We both turn towards Annabeth how stood by one of the shelves holding a photo album. I wander over Piper not too far behind.

"What is it?" I mutter standing on my tippy toes to see the pages in her hands. 

"It's a potion recipe but that's not the problem." Piper looked confused,

"Then what is the problem?" she asked her hand resting on Annabeth's shoulder.

"This potion can make illusions or alter the way someone remembers," I raised my eyebrow at this, it's odd and probably should be in the forbidden section but not something to worry about.

"And?" I asked she looked up from the book her eyes filled with tears. 

"Luna was the last person to not only get this book out but she left a note on this page," I gasped reading the smudged ink.

I can't control them anymore...

"what do you think it means?" Piper asked looking at Annabeth worriedly.

"I think I have something to tell you guys... all of you,"

Hey, guys thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it and I'm sorry for the slow updates also what do you guys think Luna is up to? Thank you so much!!!!