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Cover-ups with Consequences

       Life after the decathlon field trip felt off

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Life after the decathlon field trip felt off. Sure people were relieved and obsessing over Spiderman, but it just felt weird.

    I don't know why. Maybe it was the fact that I almost died again in Washington DC, or maybe it was because it was weird people didn't know it was Peter that saved me. I respect him keeping his identity on the down low, but then again I used to praise from the media who knew the name of each and every Avenger.

      Another reason I was feeling off about the whole situation was the fact countless clubs tried to get me to talk about my experience. People would follow me around expecting me to explain what happened in detail. It was something I definitely wasn't used to. It was like I went from the unknown new student to the person everyone wanted to talk to. Just not in a good way. I had the school paper follow me around until I finally told them to stop. Conversations with Betty were impossible while she would try and pry answers out of me for the morning announcements.

It's like the whole school just discovered that Spiderman hasn't existed since the incident in DC and it got on my nerves. You would think that someone who goes around queens every night saving people would get more credit but apparently not.

       Spiderman mania is what they called it and everyone loved it. It was the dumbest thing if you ask me.

         Just like I said as soon as school started again that Monday the halls were drenched in students that hopped on board the spiderman train.  Peter was loving it. I ran into him on the way to morning break and he had the biggest smile on his face. I called his name and he turned around.

      "Peter where are you going? Your third period is that way," I pointed behind me.

      "Mar, I have better things to do than going to class."

       "Parker, you do realize that what you just said is a complete lie."

      "See I figured it out." He pulled me aside to the empty hallway next to us. He looked around before continuing. "The wingsuit guy is stealing from damage control and when he steals stuff from damage control he creates those weapons. So all I have to do is catch him." I just rolled my eyes. "Come on Mar you can help me. Get back into Phoenix mode. It will be really rewarding because Mr. Stark will have to let you help me defeat this guy."

        "Peter you do realize I'm on superhero house arrest. If I help you catch this guy I'll be punished by not only Tony but also the government. You can't take in this guy by yourself, but I can't help you. You shouldn't even be attempting to ditch school you could be expelled. Spiderman is taking over your life and it shouldn't. You have a future, you're in the decathlon, you're extremely smart, and you even have people that care about you. Please don't let this take over your life."

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