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     Field trips on Saturday mornings are not as fun as they seem

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Field trips on Saturday mornings are not as fun as they seem.

     Yeah, sure, you get to go see your friends.

But your going to school.

On a Saturday.

    Now I know it isn't the worst thing that you have to do for school, but I would rather be missing school than taking  away my beautiful Saturday.

Of course, there are more perks. It's in Washington DC which is amazing for most people, but that's the place I used to live literally two years ago. It also is the place I almost got killed. So yeah, I think Washington DC is a wonderful place to take my first official school field trip.

I mean it is for the academic decathlon team, and all we are doing her is compete. Then maybe see a historical building. So, I don't have to worry about being chased by gun man or hiding in plan sight. I can be out in public like any other normal person sight seeing with no care in the world. Which is a first for me.

     Come to think of it I've never been on a trip for fun. I'm usually having to save the world's ass or some one is trying to kick my ass. It's always ending with something being destroyed. It's definitely not fun when that happens. Of course, I'm not going to do that anytime soon so I think I'm good on that level of caution.

     The day started out like any other week day. Got up, got dressed, and prepared for my timely walk to Midtown Manhattan. The only thing different was that Peter wasn't going to accompany me. He told Ned and me that he wanted to show up later than us, because he still had to pack. I have no idea why he wouldn't want to show up at the same time as us to ask to join the team again, but I didn't ask any questions.

      The trip there consisted of me listening to music and being compacted in a subway like always. It felt longer than usual. Maybe it's the fact that I was overly tired, or maybe because I am hauling more than usual. I had to find the energy to try and not fall asleep before my stop. I stayed up most of the night over think what I should and shouldn't bring on a simple trip. My backpack was stuffed along with a duffel bag that I was holding. From the looks of it I packed for a weeks trip. When in reality it was only two days.

      Getting off at the station wasn't as easy as getting on. Having to avoid the people around me trying to get off. Luckily I made it out in one peace and had to walk ten more blocks to the school. Passing the fields that the athletic teams practice on and to the front entrance. I walked to the parking lot next to the school seeing a bus with a group of students gathered in front of it. All of them looked bored out of their minds waiting on who I assume was Mr. Harrington.

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