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Nathan's P. O. V.

Watching as the medics push the stretcher that is holding her into the ambulance I hop in right after her. Fully inside I sat beside her seeing tears rolling down her cheeks. Seeing her like this brakes my heart.

I hate seeing her cry. "Bella please, don't cry everything is going to be alright. The babies will be okay." I say grabbing ahold of her hand and intertwining our fingers before placing kisses on her hand.

Feeling the vehicle go into motion Lahlani squeezes my hand tighter having another contraction.
"No it won't. Its too early, you said it yourself I'm not supposed to be due for another 10 weeks." More tears fall from her eyes and I look down to see her other hand placed on her baby bump.

"What's her name?" The paramedic ask looking up at me while pulling on a pair of rubber gloves.


"Contractions are 15 minuets apart. How far along is she?" The Medic looks down at his watch before placing his both his hands on the side of her baby bump.

"28 weeks, with twins. Is she and the babies going to be alright?"

"Sir we are going to do the best we can we should be at the hospital in a few minuets."

I nod my head in response fixating my attention back on Lahlani as she heavily breaths causing her breathing to be loud and attention grabbing.

I watch as he pulls the breathing mask over her face.

"Lahlani I need you to calm down. I need to try and steady your breathing." The medic says checking her blood pressure.
"Mam, please your blood pressure is rising. I need you to calm down." The medic repeats when Lahlani did not do so and breathed even harder.

"Heart rate is elevating... If she doesn't get her breathing under control she will go unconscious."

Rubbing Lahlani's hand and placing my hand on her cheek and cupping it I say, " Bella you need to calm down. Everything will be okay the twins will be fine trust me okay? Come on babe I just need you to breath, in and out." I say gesturing with my hand that was once on her tear stained cheek.
I don't even know what I am talking about. I hardly even believe it myself. Their is apart of me that we may loose the babies because they are going to be early.
I let out sigh of relief seeing that I had calmed her as her breathing began to slow down.

The vehicle came to a complete stop and the the medic looked forward out the window when the driver opened the doors. Immediately the lifted the stretcher, pulled it out of the ambulance as if they had done over 1,000 times.
It was all just happening so fast. Before I knew it Lahlani was having another contraction as I followed close behind the nurses that had taken over and were now pushing her through the halls on the way to the ER. Pulling me out of my thoughts as I am still following behind but not completely focused on the situation at hand, I hear Lahlani's pained voice ring through my ears snapping me out of it as she called my name putting her hand out wanting me to hold it. Without hesitation I took it.

"Contractions are 8 minuets apart!" One of the nurses shout as we get closer to the ER.
"Nathan it hurts!" She crys as beads of sweat appear onto her forehead.

"I know baby but you can do this." I say slightly squeezing onto her hand more.

"Sir, you need to wait out here for a minute. A nurse will be out in a few short minutes to let you into the delivery room." I nurse stops me from going any further. A part of me didn't care and wanted to ignore her and walk right in and stay at Lahlani's side but another part of me was not in the mood because it was going to make anything better and I'm already mad enough with the exception of my aching knuckles.

I turn around and began to pace around in circles not knowing what exactly to do and how long I will be waiting for. But deep I knew that, that is not the true reason why I am pacing. Then real reason is because how early the twins are I have a chance of losing them. I and that hurts. I can't lose anyone else again. Not after nearly losing Lahlani almost a month ago. But it only seems like yesterday.

If we loose the babies I don't know what will happen. Not for Lahlani or me. But in truth this may take a bigger toll on her. I mean she may have been unconscious for most of it but she still carried them. And for that I will try my best to be strong for her if they don't make it but I can not guarantee it.

I've lost a father, grandfather the one that was like a father figure to me, my fiancé, but loose a child I can't do it, but two? to loose two children that I didn't even get a chance to meet yet?

"Excuse me, sir? Would you like me to call anyone and let-1" A nurse ask me try in to get my attention.
"No, uhh.... T-they are already on their way here." I say walking away.

Still looking at the doors of the ER. I let out a frustrated breath running my hands threw my hair. To me it seems like I have been waiting out here for hours.
I'm am starting to get very impatient now. And it is taking everything in me to not to just walk in their and go find what room Lahlani is in without permission.

"Sir, excuse me, but she is asking for you now. She's ready. Seems she is fully dilated." The nurse that had stopped me earlier was now standing in front of me. Without hesitation I followed her into the ER.

The nurse stops in front of the door to the delivery room. Already hearing Lahlani yelling. The nurse opens the door and as she opens it I hear Lahlani practically screaming at the nurse to get me.

As soon as the door opened I heard Lahlani screaming and I found our obg, trying to calm and speak with her. Butb Lahlani was practically screaming at her.
Once I was fully in the room I walked over to her side and tried to calm her down. Once she laid eyes on me she began to calm. Taking her in. She had been changed into a hospital gown and was sweaty and had red puffy eyes at the moment from crying.

"Bella its okay your okay. I'm here. I'm not going to leave you." I say taking ahold of her shaking hands.

"Nathan, they said I may need a C-section. But, I don't want one! Baby they don't think I'm strong enough." I was looking between her and all the nurses moving around the room.

"Lahlani, get ready to push." The doctor says sitting down in the seat at the end of the bed. As Lahlani began to breath even more heavily.

"Baby, are you sure you want to push I mean you can always get the C-section? If not at least get the epidural-" I question seeing how much pain she is in.

"No! I want to push! No, I will not lay on a table cut open. No drugs! I am fine, I want to push!" She screams at me as another contraction comes on.
Here she goes again being stubborn.

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