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Lilly's P. O. V.

Running into the almost empty white room I find Lahlani staring at a painting of a lake. Walking closer to her getting glimpse of the side of her face seeing her tears sliding down her cheeks.

"There you are. What was all that? Who were those people I mean the guy looked familiar but not the woman. Who were those people?" I say as she turns around with a confused look on her face.

"Lilly,... My good friend I'm sorry but I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about." She says with her eyebrows furrowed.
Her body language and what she had said just confused me on so many levels.
"Lahlani, those people basically spat in your face and called you a cheating scum sucking gold digging whore. And you want to act like you don't know what the hell I am talking about?" I already am starting to get frustrated.

"I really don't know what you are talking about. what people? "You seriously don't remember what happened like fifteen minuets ago?"

"I do, I was talking to Nathan about the babies." She says innocently. A part of me feels like she is just trying to hide thus from me but the other half thinks that she is telling the truth and that she really may have no clue what I am talking about and that their may be something seriously wrong with her.

So me putting it to test seeing how serious she was asked her a question something that she's only ever told me.

"Lahlani, on your birthday last year. What did David do to you when he made you go to the restroom with him at that restaurant?" I know exactly what happened in that restroom David's partner and I were their of course but I'm the only one out of the both ofus who knows what happened.

"What are you talking about silly? Now you are confusing me. And who is David? Last year on my birthday we did this bake camp thing at the bakery. We didn't go to a restaurant." Lahlani says placing both her hands on her enormous baby bump which is extremely big for only 7 months. I guess that's what happens when you are carrying twins.

I am really starting to get worried now the things that happened in that restroom had haunted her for months.

"Lahlani, David is your-" I get cut off in the middle of my sentence when I hear panting before the shouting.
"Their you two are. Hurry come quick! Nathan is beating the crap out of that guy from earlier!" Shanna says before leaving the room while waving her hands telling us to follow her.

"What?" I hear Lahlani say before following as I do the same.

Walking towards the entrance that was once full of people that were conversing and admiring the hung paintings but it is now empty. Seeing the entrance door open.

So this is where everybody went. I think to myself seeing everyone outside, some had their phones out recording while other were wrong in surprise and then their was some of Nathans close militant friends chanting, "kick his ass!"

Looking ahead to see what all the chaos is about I see Nathan literally beating the shit out of the guy that had been accusing and calling Lahlani names earlier. Once Lahlani had spotted Nathan and seen what he is doing she quickly pushed her way threw the crowd of people until she was standing in front of them. As Lahlani was walking towards them I notice the old woman punching Nathans back repeatedly telling him to stop but it obviously wasn't doing anything because Nathan did not even acknowledge the woman.

"Nathan, stop! Please, that's enough." Lahlani shouts pushing the woman out of the way and trying to pull Nathan up. But this didn't turn out good for her because as she began to try and stand up straight with her hand still around Nathan's arm she let out a yelp in pain as she bent over clutching her stomach.

Lahlani's P. O. V.

I was getting ready to stand up from my slightly bent position as I was trying to get Nathan up but I was interrupted when I feel cramp but like 20 times worse like pain course throw my lower back and than to my stomach but it is more intense and more painful then any other cramp.

Nathan quickly noticed as hopped up and put his arm around my back as I let out a yelp in pain.
"Bella what's wrong?" I heard Nathan shout but I couldn't respond because my stomach felt like it was tightening.

Feeling it slowly go away I let out a breath that I didn't even know I was holding. Catching my breath I look up into Nathan's worried eyes. "What's wrong? Is it the babies?"

Standing up straight I feel a popping feeling in my stomach before a liquid runs down my leg. Looking down I see a puddle.
"Does that answer your question?"

"Is that your water?" Nathan ask anxiously.

"Oh my god my water just broke."

"Bella you are not supposed to be due for another 10 weeks."

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